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Power conditioner


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I'm looking at two major brands and I'm curious what you all think

Tripp Lite LC2400





The Tripp Lite is about 50$ cheaper but seems to offer a lot more headroom as far as wattage output , 2400W vs 1500VA.

I have a 15A circuit to the wall. I was suggested by an electrician to get more than what the outlet can provide. To help with any small surges. So I'm thinking the Tripp Lite. The APC looks to be a more professional unit though.

What do you all think?

My equipment is a Mitsu TV (200 watts) , HTPC(400watts max), xbox (not sure), AVR- ONkyo 809 and Dish PVR. I will be adding an XPA-2 or XPA-3 to this Power conditinoer soon.

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go with the LC2400. It's a true line conditioner.

The APC H15 is a jack of all trades and does nothing well. One problem is the backup feature. It produces square wave AC to do this. Wall voltage is a true sine wave. So the lack of peaks, will hurt your dynamics. I would use it on my computer, but not on my stereo.

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Would it be a bad idea to put a XPA-2 or 3 on this once I get one? It seems like it should handle it since the max my outlet can handle is 2000w.

The answer to your question depends on power consumption while idle. If you amp uses 1400 watts at max power, but only 400 watts at idle, the turn on surge would be in the area of 1200 watts. Just multiply you idle power consumption time three. If that total is below 2000 watts (your wall supply) you are fine.

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