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Did your wife try to HIDE your speakers too?


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She bought this tree then asked me to help. set it up, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SPEAKER. What the heck? Really hurt my feelings. See has never liked way the speakers look due to their size, but she does acknowledge they sound great.

I can't complain, she is a keeper!

I used to have a subwoofer 8' up top where the vases are and she hid that with decor as well. At least now I don't need the sub anymore.


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That is the smallest tree we've had in the last 6 years since we've been in this house. Couple of funny stories, I grew up fetching our own trees (free cause we couldn't afford to buy them and why spend the $), so I've continued that tradition off and on. About 5 years ago we did one of those moments where you go - oh crap - that is way bigger than it looked outside!!!

We cut a tree down from along side a road, put in the truck, and knew right away when it was as big as the pickup we were in trouble. "That's OK, we'll make it fit" famous last words....

We stood the tree up inside after forcing it through the door, and it was 1' from the ceiling in this 19' room - and quite big around. The kids went to bed and my wife and I started decorating it, then went to bed. As we were walking up the steps, we heard a crash with the sound of broken glass... uh oh! The tree was too big for the stand and fell over. The next day I screwed the stand to a piece of board I had laying around that is about 3.5' x 4' and that has been in use the last couple years. It really gives the stand a lot more stability. This tree is nice and tall, but quite skinny, which is fine.

One year we cut down the tree in our yard that somebody else planted because it was too close to a native evergreen. I assume they wanted the "cute" tree, but I'd prefer the native tree. We made that our Christmas pic, I was cutting the tree down with a chainsaw while my wife was looking by in disgust and the kids were egging me on.

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I am not married, so I don't have a wife to blame, but unfortunatly, the only real place I could put a Christmas tree up in this room is right in front of one of my speakers...


I can definitly relate in that aspect though. Oh well, does not seem to really effect the sound, though. Wonder if there is such thing as an "acoustically transparent" Christmas tree. [:D]

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