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This forum is a candy store and I am a kid


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I refuse to calculate how much per day it has

cost me since I joined this forum 7 days ago.

It all started with the LFE post being flakey on

my SC-27. I had the cable taped to the wall in a precise position. If someone

slammed the front door, I lost the sub. It was livable, but annoying (and I

couldn't bear parting with it for a week or two of repair).

Then it dawned on me - I'll bet they have a new model out by now, and

"if" it has two LFE posts, I'll get it (I didn't like running a

splitter to supply two subs).

Then I thought about my center channel and how

in some movies it seemed so hard to hear dialog. If you turned it up enough to

get good dialog, the music and sound effects had my neighbors convulsing in

their front yards. I'm sure there were some actions I could have taken but the

whole system had been through the automated setup so it should have been very

close. So - perhaps I needed to get a new center speaker too. I've heard good

things about Klipsch - let's see what they have. But of course the front three

should match.

And snowball it did. I had 4 JBLs, 3 Triads, and

2 subs. Here's what I've ended up with:

Living room

Monitor Pioneer


Receiver Pioneer


Blu-ray Pioneer


Amplifier Emotiva


Front RF-82


Center RC-62


Front Wide RF-82


Front Height RB-61


Surround RF-62


B.Surround RB-81


Subwoofer (2)Chrysalis


Monster Power

Xbox 360 / Kinnect / Wireless Force Feedback

Racing Wheel

Denon CD Player / Toshiba VCR / Pioneer


Comcast HD Cable Box

Desktop computer connected to PRO-141FD

Gigabit network running to


Harmony 1100 Remote


Monitor Samsung

Tantus 55”

Receiver Pioneer


Blu-ray Sony


Front Triad

Silver LCR

Center Triad

Silver LCR

Surround Triad

Silver Surround

Subwoofer Triad



Comcast HD Cable Box

The only good break I got (price-wise) was when I ordered 4 RF-62 II's but they only had 2 in stock. I was on the verge of waiting until the first of the year when the guy said "well how about if I upgrade two of the 62's to 82's - we have those in stock." I replied "Sir, you have my business."

Merry Christmas to me! -- and to all.


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I refuse to calculate how much per day it has cost me since I joined this forum 7 days ago.

What? you're expecting sympathy from this group of enablers?


Welcome to the forum, congrats on your new toys and as you may soon find out.... it only gets worse! you should seek counsel while you are still salvagable.

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You sure won't find me shedding any tears for you. Bah Humbug! LOL [:P]

What an awesome Christmas gift to yourself. You shouldn't have...no really, you shouldn't have. [:D]

Welcome to the forums. The RF-82 is truly a great all around Reference setup that won't totally break the bank. Lot of bang for your buck with it. Enjoy your new toys and don't forget to post pics and a review once you get it all setup.

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this place is liek crack and the best forum that i have been apart of over the years and its the hospitality and genuine positive interest as well as wealth of knowledge that i have encountered over the years.

I will say that my spending has increased ridiculously since i joined.

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my gf used to make fun of me for going on my fish forum (aquariacentral) all the time casuse i had a 72 gallon tank, shed called it the fishy forum....now she just nods her head when the word speakers comes out of my mouth or she sees me cruising the forum. She also calls me nerd boy...

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this place is liek crack

Yep - and given the pleasures and addictive qualities of what we do here, it's a good thing this hasn't been made illegal (because anything this much fun usually is). I refer to the best systems here as "Schedule One" - not designed for any medical purpose, but strictly for pleasure. If the gov only knew.....but we'll keep it our little secret[;)]

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I'm wondering if I went a step too far. The unused speaker posts on the back of

my SC-57 were as taunting as empty memory slots in a computer. But...

For music, I most enjoy the 'extended stereo' mode which uses

'all' speakers without a bunch of surround sound processing. However, if the

SC-57 finds front height speakers it uses those rather than the front wide.

Obviously, I would rather hear the RF-82's than the RB-61's. So - I have to go

through a bunch of menu options to turn off the front height speakers to listen

the way I want to (and then reverse that process to watch a movie).

And for movies - in order to use 9.1, I have to use 'Neo:X'

mode. I've only watched one movie so far (Battle: Los Angeles) and in Neo:X the experience

seemed subdued and the dialog was muffled (do I need that RC-64!? - just

kidding). About 2/3 through I switched to 'Auto Surround' (5.1 for this blu-ray)

and it sounded way better.

Of course I'm still assuming that the Neo:X will switch between FH

and FW as appropriate during the same movie. I haven't had time to

confirm/disaffirm that yet.

So - perhaps I should just take down the FH speakers (and have

some really nice computer speakers)? I

guess I should give it some time and experimentation.

If anyone has experience with this type of thing or suggestions

I'd like to hear about it. Thanks!

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And for movies - in order to use 9.1, I have to use 'Neo:X'

mode. I've only watched one movie so far (Battle: Los Angeles) and in Neo:X the experience

seemed subdued and the dialog was muffled (do I need that RC-64!? - just

kidding). About 2/3 through I switched to 'Auto Surround' (5.1 for this blu-ray)

and it sounded way better.

Try the "ALC" mode or the "Action" mode on your Pioneer while watching movies. Made a huge impact when I watched Battle Los Angeles.

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its funny, because when a member gets new toys, we all flock here and comment.

Very nice setup. Im also running RF62s as surrounds, you will love em. Sound and conveinance of a floorstander as a surround.

Not worry yourself about getting a RC64. Enjoy what you have.

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  • 4 years later...

I'm back  :) 
I've been enjoying my movies and my music but I thought that after almost 5 years, I deserved a small upgrade.  That upgrade has, umm, snowballed a bit.  So - by Wednesday evening, I'll have (in my main theatre - by the way, amusingly, the 'main theatre' is 13 feet by 15.5 feet - might I have more equipment than I need?):
Center:                      Klipsch RC-62 II
Front/Left:                 Klipsch RP280FA
Front Wide:               Klipsch RF82 II
Surround:                  Klipsch RF82 II
Surround Back:         Klipsch RF62 II
Subwoofers (2):        Klipsch R-115SW
Monitor:                    Pioneer Elite PRO-141FD

Blu-Ray:                   Pioneer Elite BDP-88FD
Receiver:                  Pioneer Elite SC-99
Amplifier:                  Emotiva XPA-5
Game:                      Xbox One

Computer:                Dell Workstation, 24 processors, 48GB RAM, 6 SSD Drives

Playing music on Ext. Stereo using all those speakers is ... sublime.  Watching Mad Max cranked up in Atmos is absolutely amazing!
Anyway, other rooms are almost as bad (I mean good!).  Which brings me to a question:

1. In my son's room, we now have a Pioneer Elite SC-57 receiver, a Yamaha YST-SW012 subwoofer, and two Klipsch RB-61 II speakers (plus other stuff).  Question:
Would bi-amping those small RB-61 speakers make a difference?  Or is bi-amping just useful when you're pushing large speakers towards their limits? (guess I should read up on bi-amping).
Given the diminutive size of my main theatre, does it make any sense to upgrade my center channel?  The Pioneer MCACC calibration software already sets it to '-12' (the lowest setting) and calibrates other speakers accordingly.  So - would it be simply wasteful to buy a larger center?  If not, how about the RP-450CA?  I'm not sure my receiver would let me run the RP-450CA and the RP280FA together.  The Pioneer manual isn't giving me much help figuring it out.  The Klipsch documentation isn't helping either. For example, - what is the configuration of that speaker - does the RP-450CA does have a 'top speaker'? - or no?).  All the pictures show a monitor sitting on top of the RP-450CA.  Bad marketing photos?  If no top speaker, why call it a 'Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos® Center Speaker'?  I'm itching to buy one, but if it is just giving me a hurricane to blow out birthday candles - well, I don't need to be silly about it.


Looking forward to hearing from folks who know...





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To answer your questions...

1 - No. Biamping will make no difference with the passive crossovers. So, not really worth the bother.

2 - if it's setting your center at max down level then something isn't right in your setup. The center (or any other speaker for that matter) should not be getting set at the max value. You might try running the setup again? Are you using multiple positions in the setup or just the main listening position? As pertains to the RP-450...newer doesn't necessarily mean better.

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I'd been itching to upgrade the RC-62 for too long ... a new RP-450CA was delivered today.  As for the calibration - I see this always.  I have an sc-27 in my office.  The LR speakers are just 6 or 7 feet away and that receiver sets them to -10 (its lowest setting).  I've run lots of calibrations over time (and always from just the one listening position) and the center always gets set to minimum.  I just assumed it is because it is only 6 feet away.  I usually set it up one notch and adjust all the other speakers accordingly.  By the way - that's another question.  Is it usual for MCACC to set the volume on surrounds (and back surrounds) to lower levels than the front/center?  I always have to punch up the surrounds - seems like MCACC should set them all to be the same level?  Thanks for the feedback.

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