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DIY Chorus based center channel

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Hi, I just posted this in the garage sale and thought I'd put it here as well in case anyone has tried anything like this---: I'm considering building some sort of center channel with the mid
and tweet in their normal horiz. position above the tv and some sort of a
re-work alternative for the15" woofer (maybe flanking smaller woof on
each side?) Anyone done this? I am interested in gathering loose
matching parts, horns/drivers and crossover seperately or would consider
a very reasonably priced beat-up single speaker, but shipping to Oregon
would be a pain and expensive depending on location of course. Just
brainstorming here...Would be seeking one K-57-K mid driver & horn
(not sure right now which horn is correct), and one K-79-K driver and
horn, and crossover. Or perhaps find an Academy and save the trouble? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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