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Very frustrated... need new receiver?


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Five or six years ago I bought a used Yamaha HTR-5760 off craigslist. I have never been happy with the audio quality out of the receiver. The sound is very sharp on highs and I cannot understand the voices coming out of the center channel. I have very little bass out of any of the channels. I have been using a KSC-C1 center channel and some cheap no-name front towers. I recently purchased a pair of KLF 20's and a KLF C7 with no real improvement in sound. I thought the receiver probably was not programmed correctly. I purchased a remote and borrowed a mic... ran it through the setup. When it completed, it had set the crossovers for the front channels to 130Hz and set the speakers to small. Even with me tweaking these settings, I can't seem to get good sound out of the speakers. At this point, I'm just ready to get a new receiver. My current setup is just a 5.1 and probably won't increase from that. Like I said I have KLF 20's front channels, KLF C7 center, and KSB 1.1 rears. I enjoy listening to both 2 channel music and this is also my home theater. I've been reading a lot of reviews from different brands and I get concerned with failures. I want a quality piece of equipment but my budget is going to be on the lower side, probably around $500. Any help/ideas/suggestions is appreciated! Thanks!

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Am I wrong in thinking Denon AVR-1712 might be a little underpowered at 90 watts per channel? I know with me being a newbie I think it's all about more power so I could be totally wrong. And I've also been over at the avs forums reading about the Marantz SR5005 which sounds like a great receiver, but I'm a little concerned about the "pop of death". Is this a common failure? I don't have a lot of money... it's a big investment for me. It's something I would like to use for years.

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Room acoustics and speaker positioning and aiming are at least as important as amplification. Flat screen TVs cause problems with the need to place center channel speakers beneath the TV. The center need to be aimed upward toward the listener's ears and protrude a little beyond the front of the stand. Floors should have carpet or rugs to reduce reflections and so on. Once you have done the best you can with the room and speaker setup, then worry about amplification and room correction.


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