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LED..light not glowing..no power??

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Looking for some help-

Problem: My LED light isnt glowing which means that im not getting any power.

I have tried... changing outlets, 3 different ones.

switching plugs for front speakers

Checked connections in back 3 times

made sure all red and black wires are

correctly pluged in.

Anyone have any suggestoins?

Thx for your time and help-


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I assume you have plugged in a light or some other electric appliance in the outlets to make sure there is power to the outlets and not a blown circuit breaker in your home?

Does your component have a fuse that may be blown? Take off the covers (with the unit unpluged) and look for a fuse. Then look for any fried components. They are usually discolored and look burned and may evan have a burned smell.

Good luck.


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I looked around the speaker system for anything that looks like it could hold a fuse, but i didnt see anything. BTW i have a Promedia 4.1 system. The light is on one of the speakers next to the on/off switch.

Im getting zero noise...when i pulg it in and the light isnt comming on. The fuse could be blown...however I have no idea where it it could be to change it.

thx David

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