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Whats more important? Audio or video?


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I thought I would get people's opinions on this topic. Smile.gif

What is more important to you when watching movies, audio performance or video performance? Smile.gif

If you ask me, I am not sure really. I want the best of both! cwm35.gif

However, I would probably give the edge to better audio performance. Smile.gif


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Mains: Klipsch RF-7s

Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7s

Subwoofer: SVS CS-Ultra w/Samson S1000 amplifier

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Dude, that takes me back to the old Budweiser comercial...

Less Filling vs Tastes Great.

Living in UAE, you may never have seen the comercial.cwm1.gif

Personally, if you don't even have a TV to watch anything on, whats the point? If you have a TV, then you most likely you have sound. I think this is a question your going to have to figure out on your own. What would you rather deal with, a TV that is lacking or a sound system that is lacking.

I would probably say, for me at least, having a decient TV would be heigher priority. A decient TV will have decient sound built in right? Or at least in a lot of cases.

But then again let me ask you this. How much TV/DVD etc do you watch? Do you listen to music more than you watch TV? If you listen to more music, than you watch TV, then by all means get that R7 series first.

Hope this helps. I am no froyd or how ever you spell his name. cwm1.gif


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You have to have a little of both i would say. But to

me the audio is more important. I can deal with a smallish

screen ( hence my pos 27 inch ) for now but i would

rather have better sound then video. But if the money

was there i would say they both should be equal.



Daryl Gregg cwm12.gif

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I believe that for me at least, that the audio would be more of a priority than video, but only due to the high cost of audio components. It is usually cheaper to upgrade video components than buy new speakers, amps, processors, preamps, etc. Again , this is just one man's opinion and I do not speak on behalf of everyone. Only you can decide what is of higher priority.

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If spending money is the measure, audio wins by at least a 4:1 margin. I find marginal audio to be far more disconcerting than marginal video. It is easier to use my imagination to fill in video... which is, after all, a visual illusion. I buy Mitsubishi's 65" HDTV in an attempt to be seeing there... but I buy Klipsch because it delivers the best sensation of BEING THERE -HornED

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For ME, I would say audio, as I listen to WAY more music than TV/Movies.

With a computer monitor, I would have no trouble spending $2,000-$4,000 on a good monitor. I LOVE computer monitors...

I agree with HornED. You can "fill in the gaps" with decent video. Audio, well, you get what comes out of the speakers.

If you don't mind me asking, how much did shipping on the SVS set you back? While living in England, I bought a spotting scope ($400, <5 pounds) from Cabela's and shipping cost me $65 USD!!! It didn't even have any fun with customs! I THINK things are a little different in the UAE, but let me know, I am interested.


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Subwoofer: JBL 4648A-8

Sub amp: Parts Express 180 watt

Center/surrounds: Teac 3-way bookshelfs

Yes, it sucks, but better to come. KLIPSCH soon! My computer is better than my stereo!

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GOTTA be audio!!

Example: I took the boys to see "Spiderman" last week and while the screen was huge the audio sucked big time. Just way too quiet and the explosions didn't hit me in the chest. Had the same experience at "Blade 2" the other week in another theater. For me the sound's where it's at...

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It's the audio, no doubt. Watching The Matrix on a 32" TV was never so thrilling as it was when we saw it at the Klipsch factory. The sound was played through Jubilee mains, Belle center, K-horn rears and an RSW-15 subwoofer. Gunshots in the lobby slapped your chest just like at the range! After 10 minutes, I forgot there was a screen at all! I bought the DVD as soon as I got home.


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for most of us, it appears that audio gets the $$'s first. i sell to alot of different people, and some just want the big tv, some add a modest sound sys.(ALOT of sat/sub systems due to less $'s and waf)and i tell people-'full-range floor standing speakers (especially up front) SOUND BEST!'--and still..they get something small most often.

i had my system set up w/a 32"sharp, and enjoyed it, but when i brought a projector home and set up a 100"(now 84")screen,that BIG PICTURE IMPACT is hard to deny.

i feel so-so video is easier to contend with than so-so sound. avman.


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c-7 center

ksps-6 surrounds


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sony kv36xbr450 high-definition 4:3 tv

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Bello'international Italian-made a/v furniture

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monster cable and nxg interconnects/12 gua.speaker wire

Natuzzi red leather furniture set

KLIPSCH-So Good It Hz!

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I'd give the edge to better sound.

One reason is that music and sound effects give an emotional addition to the presentation. Many sources have great audio which is not appreciated.

Of course you have to consider what baseline you're starting from. Most TV sets have poor speakers.

For example, years ago, routing the TV audio through a midrange grade stereo system added a lot to Star Trek, Next Generation. There was music which before had not be recogizable. Sound effects, even just engine noise, added a lot.


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For me also the sound. Like Horned said: the picture still stays an illusion. It can not be real because it is 2 dimentional. The sound is 3 dimentional and can give a real impression!!



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DVD: Pioneer DV-525

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Rear: RF-3 tFTP

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I still waiting to get into big screen, but soon I will.

One issue of what is more important, audio or video, is what content is a given movie which give emotional impact.

I'd say that some, few movies are such cinematic beauties that I look forward to seeing them in highest resolution video.

The foremost is "Days of Heaven". A gem.

While somewhat dated by today's standards, I'd like to see the effects in 2001. Some of it is nostalgia. Before that flick we had to watch little model rocket ships on strings.

Another favorite old movie for sets is, "Forbidden Planet."



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In my case, with a 27" 1986 Vintage RCA Colortrack 2000 TV, audio is the most important consideration. I'm just happy that when I switch the power on for my RCA, that it still power up!


Mike - Livonia, MI

Klipsch RF-3 L/R

Klipsch RC-3 Center

Klipsch RB-5 rears

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Marantz MM-9000 Amp


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in those younger days we used to listen to a lot of "tunes" while watching something else on the tube (& also while eating a lot of pizza followed by cookie dough). Wink.gif

now days we can have our cookie dough & eat it too as in the material that has both - love those dvd concerts (especially when i see eagles are coming to town to a big audio barn & tic prices are 86-$136 each). cwm25.gif

but anybody ever notice when watching a show w/ the sound off or on something else, the actors' abilities or self-consciousness become more aparent? iow, audio adds a whole nother dimension.

but vic-versa too. video w/ the music is what made mtv

(in the early days anyway). video makes the music sound better if you know what i mean. cwm16.gif


My Home Systems Page

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Forbidden Planet was one of the first DVDs I bought. The first time I showed it to the boys, they were in Mom's lap (both, 8 & 10) whining when the Monster of the Id was burning through the Krell-metal door. They were so into it; it was a hoot!


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