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A couple of years ago a buddy of mine and I went on a "swamp buggy" hog hunt. He had a couple of full-auto AR-15s (legal) and we had a ball. All told I think we killed around 30 hogs. None of them ever saw a smoker. By the time we had sunk 30 or 40 rounds in to them they weren't worth trying to eat.

Here in Florida feral hogs are a REAL problem.

I live in a fairly suburban area and at least 5 times a year I kill a hog in the front or back yard.

Hunting hogs with night vision scopes and high powered rifles from a helicopter has got to be a gas.

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I love all things that go bang. great thread.

Well this mighty be a little much, even for hogs. Made by Knight Rifles it's .950, the bullet is 2400gr.

A 50 pound gun with 277 foot pounds of recoil, the largest center fire bullet at almost $40 each.

I think it should be closer to a cannon than a rifle, look at the size of the bullet. [:o]

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OK... That's just insane. By and large most folks that hunt hogs (at least here in Florida) want something to show for their shooting and not a 300 lb. mound of gelatinous porcine parts spread over several acres.

I once spent an afternoon at the range with a friend shooting a Lee Enfield 303 as well as a couple of other rifles and came home with a badly bruised shoulder. I just can't imagine how badly 277 foot pounds of recoil would damage me.

Hmmm... "gelatinous porcine parts" would be Spam. Right?

In all seriousness what would be the purpose of a rifle like that other than the ability to say "mine's bigger than yours"?

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