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2nd pair of RF-7s


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My current setup RF-7s,RC-7s and(borrowed) RB-3s for rears.Im returning the RB-3s which seemed overpowered by the fronts even when levels adjusted. Im considering another pair of RF-7s for each corner in the room.70%music(both 2channel and multichannel) and 30%movies. All this in a tiny room 12X11.Will this work or would RF-3 work better


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I agree with Mistrass - go with the RF-7s if you can afford them - hopefully you have suitable amplification to drive them. If you have a large HT receiver or multichannel amp you should be OK.

I am a believer in 5 identical speakers if possible - and your focus on 5.1 music seems to make your choice more clear.

There is much debate as to what are the best surrounds for movies; there are essentially two camps - monopoles such as the RF-7, or dipoles, tripoles or WDST speakers made for surround applications. Check out the "Surround (RS-7) Placement" thread, here in the Home Theater section of the forum, for some healthy debate on this topic. Given that you are using this primarily as an audio system, I would be inclined to match up your rears to the fronts, and go with the RF-7s as rears. That system would "shred" - in that room, you would have lots of extra "throttle" too - even with modest amplificationSmile.gif

It looks like you are buying from a local dealer with a return policy, so you can take the chance and try them out. If you don't like the results, or think they are worth it, then return them (if you get them home - you won't take them back). My 5.1 system is primarily used for music material (even with the DVD videos in 5.1) so I find that attempting to get as close to 5 identical full range speakers is worth persuing (IMO). There are many who would recommend this in any case, but I think it's the way to go in a primarily music focused system.

Maybe you could then go custom on the center channel, and modify an RF-7 for the center, like HornEd did with his KLF-30 setup - drool, droolcwm32.gif


Klipsch Cornwall II's (mains)

Klipsch Academy (center channel)

Klipsch Chorus (surrounds)

Outlaw 750 Amplifier (5x165)

H/K AVR 75 (used as pre/pro - will be upgraded soon)

Bass Kit:

2 JBL 4638 LFE/Bass Reinforcement cabinets

Crown CE 1000 amplifier

Behringer Feedback Destroyer (Bass EQ)


Pioneer DV-333

2 Aiwa ADF-850 3 head cassette decks

General Instruments cable box

Panasonic VHS PV-4459

Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe (computer sound)

f> c> s>

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You should definitely try both. The difference in cash is quite a bit. You could spend the extra cash on something more meaningful if you don't notice a huge difference. Just try them both and decide what is best for you. In a perfect world the RF-7's make sense, but the world is not perfect. The RF-3's may very well surprise you, definitely an improvement over the RB-3's.

Good luck,



Enjoy and Happy Listening!

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I agree with dndphishin, particularly when you've got the room acoustics to have big speakers cover the sweet spot. The cubic inches of big speakers give a character to the overall soundstage that wimpy centers and multiple small speakers in one box just can't quite match on an A/B comparison, IMHO.

Now, that's not to say that tricked up small trapezoidal speakers weighing in at under 25 lb. can't dazzle you with their ambience or create a strong suggestion of localization (if they have the woofer for it)... particularly in acoustically challenged environments. But, a great 25 lb. RS-7 multi-directional contender is no match for a 90 lb. RF-7 in-your-face champion... if price, fashion and space constraints are not an issue.

Granted the full potential of an RF-7 used as Side/Surrounds and Rear Effects may not be realized on some source material... but the trends in mixing and preamp processing added to the benefit of more precise tone and timbre matching can lift your HT or multi-channel music beyond the realm of the ordinary Klipsch Reference system... at least to my ears when visiting a non-Forum friend.

Any more than a 42 lb. RC-7 can be expected to really match the magnificence of the RF-7 heavyweight champ in the middle where over 75% of the total HT sound battles are fought! Sure, I can understand the WAF pressure for downsizing the center for reasons of "fashion"... or having a screen so big that there may not be much room for a center... but such compromises are NOT based on audio quality.

There was a time when you could order a Cornwall as an upright or horizontal units... the horizontal was envisioned by PWK to be used as a front center. In fact, as I understand it, PWK turned the LaScala design into a more expensive to build Belle as a gesture toward boosting his own in-house WAF rating!

There is a tendency for the WDST enthusiasts to come out and beat on whoever dares tell of experiencing good things with big speakers in smaller Surround and Effects roles... let alone suggest it as something that a fellow Forum member might evaluate.

Three little monopoles aimed three different ways and sharing one relatively small cabinet are certainly a popular option designed to make you "feel" like you are in a commercial theater. But, personally, I like my PWK designed Heritage music system and my six KLF-30 based HT system with big speakers that make me "feel" like I am in the middle of the action or in the best seat at a concert... rather than in a commercial theater.

Of course, heavyweight sound producers like RF-7's in an 12x11 space may create more audio "character" than you bargained for. Try to get your authorized Klipsch dealer to configure some examples for you in a sound room about that size... or better yet, talk to the manager and see if you can borrow a couple of RF-7's to check it out in YOUR space. You might also check out a pair of RS-7's to see if they strike your fancy in such a restricted listening area.

I am sure there are plenty of lurkers and Forum members that will be eager to hear about your choice. -HornED


Pic6.jpg Photo update soon! -HornEd

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Uhh, lets see..... the question was... replacing RB-3 rears with either speakers like your present front RF-7's or RF-3's. 70% music use/30% HT.

My opinion for music use is that you need a room about twice as large,or larger, to realize very much gain in adding another pair of LARGE rear speakers to the RF-7's you have now, keeping cost/benefit in mind.

As far as for HT use, if you use a receiver or processor that does not allow you to cut the speakers down low,lets say 40-50hz, then you may just as well buy small trapezoidal whimpy under 25 pound multi- speakered tricked up speakers because you have just cut-the-cubes from the larger champion type speakers when you cut them high via your bass management (what a laugh,huh?).

I could go on with more veiled useless BS mumblings that have absolutely nothing to do with your question, but if you have no intention of moving your system to a larger room any time soon and DO have a receiver/processor that will not allow you to make use of the lower octaves of a large speaker, then you might just as well buy 5 RB5's,a pair of matching WDST surrounds and a GOOD sub,something like a RSW-12. With a receiver/processor that allows the use of two pair of surrounds you could switch between the monopoles for music use and the WDST's for HT use and have the best of BOTH worlds.

Good luck wata, and let YOUR ears decide for yourself!


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Yep, larger room.

My room is about 26 x 15 and I still find my RF-3's huge.

RF-7's in a 12x11 is ... ????



Receiver: Pioneer VSX-909RDS

DVD: Pioneer DV-525

Screen: Thomson 46" RetroProjection

Front: RF-3 tFTP

Rear: RF-3 tFTP

Center: RC-3 tFTP

SubW: KSW-12

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  • 2 months later...

Just wanted to say thanks for all the input. It took me awhile to try out the Rf-3s,RS-7s and RF-7s. I ended up with extra RF-7s. First off Im no audiophile or videophile just someone who loves listening to music and now movies.I did gut out the rear wall closet to pickup more space. The room is still small 11x14x8.Are the speakers to big for the room-yes.Do the speakers over power the room-yes.Am I happy yes,yes,yes.Playing ACDC/stiff upperlip Dvd and cranking volume oh wow.


HK avr520

Outlaw ICBM-1

Sony C555ES

Denon 1600

Outlaw 755 amp (borrowed)

RF-7s front

RF-7s rear


SVS Ultra

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I blew away some friends when they were last here and let AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip give my four RF-7's a work out. They left saying they needed to give their brains a rest. He HE HE cwm4.gif


tHe wORLDs werst TYPesT>

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Get RF-7's,I have all my Klipsch/Sunfire attire in a 10*14*6'high space and it works great.

I have two RF-7 pairs(front and rear),one RF-5 pair and RB-5's(unused for the moment!)RC-7 serves as center.With three Sunfire subs and two Carver subs!

All this juiced up my the mighty ATI 2505(serves as front amp 3/5 channels used!) and 1505(serves as sourround amp 4/5 channels in use).

This is a true power play system.Will belt out sickening SPL and all this with no audible stress.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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My friend couldnt believe how good it sounds and she is coming over to listen to AC/DC again.

The Ear

Thanks Ear for the reinforcement I got the 2nd pair of RF-7s a little over a week ago.For me the reason was music it just sounded better to my ears


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Are you guys listening/viewing in DTS mode on the AC/DC DVD? That has GOT to be one of the best out ther so far.

I listen at 110+ dB regularly with that one...


KLF-30 - mains

KLF-10 - center channel

KLF 10's/20's - surrounds

KLF-C7 - back center

DIY dual Tempest sonosub

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