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Brubeck Came Thursday Night!


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And we went!

It started out with a choral concert. I didn't know what "In Association with the Chattanooga Choral Arts Association" meant until the show started. It was a little strange. One number was 3 minutes of "Halelulah". It turns out Mr. Brubeck is deeply religious and has written several choral works for his church and others. The Chattanooga Chorus is quite good, though not my cup of tea. I did enjoy the unabashed demonstration of faith.

The second half of the show was traditional Brubeck. He is soon to be 82 and grinned like it hurt for most of the show. I think he enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed listening. The show was at the Tivoli, a 70-year-old theater that seats 2000, or so. The band was tight and polished. They did not seem to know what Mr. Brubeck was going to play next; they just jumped in as he got to a good place. i found out later, that's part of his "style".

If he comes to your town, don't miss him!


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I just bought Dave Brubeck "Time Signatures, A Careeer Retrospective." I think it has almost everything he has done. 59 or so recordings with most of the if not all the HITS too.

WOW, what a special night. That would have been fantastic. Wish I was there.

He is truely a treasuer in Jazz. Way ahead of his time as far as borrowing all types of music themes and thoughts on how to do it too. I appreciated the 100 page book that came with it describing the time, place, and thoughts on each song. It also includes further insight to his life as a musician. I bought it at Best Buy for $39.99 last night, and just put it into the cd player as I read your message. THAT is kinda scarey.

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