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I miss Audiogon, how about you?


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Even though I haven't been watching Audiogon like I used to, I am in need of a new piece of gear. I found something I want to buy, but it won't let me log in! I tried to reset my password and I keep getting an error message! It won't even let me buy anything! Plus I have many years of positive feedback, is that all gone? what a joke

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I take back everything good or in defense of the new audigon. What a piece of flaming crap it is now. I can not even get to the site without errors. I was able to look at a few pages then got an error so I refreshed and it was fine. Now refresh doesn't work.... POS.

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New slogan, "AudioGON, curing audio junkies from their illness."

It has cured me. I hate the site now. I was a daily lurker, always looking, selling or buying. No more. I thought it was the worst redesign I had seen, glad I'm not the only one. The colors are bad; hard to read and scan through quickly. The photos in the ads are too small; requiring that all photos be enlarged to actually see them. Communication is done publicly; no private emails. And the list goes on; I just lose interest and skip off to another site. Well done Audiogon!
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So I bought something on Audiogon today from a well regarded seller. During our conversation the "new" Audiogon came up and, for the moment at least, while he's not a fan of the changes, he still feels it's better than eBay when it comes to the ratio of qualified buyers vs. scammers. We talked about eBay buying PayPal and the resultant rogering on both sides of the transaction. Then... in a matter-of-fact voice... he stated how it was unfortunate that Stereophile bought Audiogon and how he hoped the site somehow got back on course. I was too taken aback by the statement to question it, but again, the confidence in his voice was at DEFCON 2. It was my impression that it had been in the works for some time but was not widely known. I've not read about the subject extensively elsewhere - has anybody else heard of this merger?

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It's called "spin control". Audiogon went from FAT revenues to 0 revenue pretty much overnight with the new site.

They're now in "OH CRAP... WHAT HAVE WE DONE...WHAT NOW?" mode.

I really think that there's a tremendous opportunity here for someone. I wish I had the programming skills but I just don't.

While I sincerely hope that they recover from their error I really don't think they will.

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