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will this terratec sound card work on this soyo board?

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all right Im an audio freak, gaming freak,dvd freak,and

a mp3 freak. Im building my own computer rig and I already bought my mother board this is the site for the mother board specs,http://www.soyousa.com/products/proddesc.php?id=37

Now I've already decided I want 5.1 promedia speakers,then for the audio card I was going to get the audigy platinum. But I did alot of research in this area. Aparently alot of people are getting crapy sound from the audigy for some reason, be it mp3'dont play well on all five speakers or just a continuous screeching noise because of the via chipset. So I picked out this sound card ;the Terratec

DMX 6 Fire sound card


My question is will this audio card work well for the motherboard I have already bought? and does it have good quality to send to the beautiful promedia 5.1 set?

I dont want any kind of problem with my audio connection. The pro media 5.1 set will hook up to this sound card well right?



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Try this in the Computers - Sound Card forum further down the page. You will likely get more help there.


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