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cartridge headshell photos


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Michael, there are no absolute best settings for cartridges, just compromises that are better for this or that. If you set up the cartridge using the Technics guage, the geometry will be optimised for 7 inch records. This is similar to Stevenson geometry.

If you primarily play 12 inch LPs, you'll want to use Baerwald geometry, which places the cartridge further ahead and at an angle to the headshell. It may look a little odd, but it sounds good.

I took this picture a while ago and meant to post it, but haven't had the time until now. Take a look and see if it's similar to your setup.

Keep in mind that with a pivoted arm, as opposed to a linear tracking arm, the tracking error is zero at two points on the disc, and more than zero everywhere else. The different geometries/settings just place the zero spots at different places on the disc.


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here' s one view, I guess it just doesn't look as 'tidy' as my old 681EEE (seen in background of some images. They are both Technics headshells, I understand that the stylus needs to be at a point so it's tangent to the grooves. I guess it's just the mechanical construction of this cartridge, it just has more stuff out front of the stylus.

It is easier to adjust the cartridge in the headshell with the bolts like that. Wish I had thought of that.


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Wow haven't seen the David Lynch record before. I do have the Eraser Head LP 8-) had to have the girl in the radiator song.

I think we have gone off top. You really just need a few good tools. Youtube has lots of videos of people setting turntables.

Digital stylus force gauges are awesome.


Universal Cartridge Alignment Tool.


The ultimate setup tool is the Feickert Universal Protractor. I want this one.


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And to get back on topic for a moment...

Here's my cartridge / turntable setup kit. It consists of

1) Screwdriver set
2) Hemostats
3) Phono cartridge alignment tool (available from Turntable Basics for $20)
4) Small LED flashlight
5) 3X & 6X magnified visor (at 54 I'm somewhat vision impared)
6) Digital scale
7) Bubble level

Posted Image

Note 1: The two pieces of grey foam material are used to wedge under the platter to imobilize it.

Note 2: DO NOT buy a level from any of the "audio equipment" vendors. Here's a couple of links to why:



Exact same level but a significant price difference. Same goes for digital scales. I got mine off of eBay for $20. The "high end" audio vendors sell the same scale for $200

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