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Home Theater suggestions - Heresy speakers


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Own a pair of original Heresy speakers, purchased in 1984. Intereted in opinions on build out of a home theater using the Heresy speakers for the front 2 speakers.

Will need to buy center & rear speakers, DVD, AVR, sub

woofer and a sub amp and a new T.V.

Family room is 15 by 20 square.

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Five Heresies and an RSW-12 or -15 would be a KILLER HT. The front 3 should be from the same year, or be modified to have the same components and network.

Yours are probably what we've nicknamed Heresy 1.5s. They have the HII squawker and HI woofer and tweeter. You need to listen to see, but I'd bet they will be sonically close to the modern HII.


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I agree with John. Most Definitely go with the 5 Heresy setup. Heresys can still be had for a deal on ebay.

Ignore all the Dipole surround posts on this forum. IMHO - Don't mix them with a Heritage setup.

An all Heritage HT is hard to beat....


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I agree with John and J...five or six Heritages not only make great HT... you get non-compromised multi-channel music. With five Heritages in my music system as an example... there is a strong urge to chuck my carefully structured Legend HT system to build a Heritage HT.

15' x 20' should be a great acoustics environment for five Heresys! And nothing quite matches a Heritage speaker like another Heritage speaker. Go for it! -HornED

PS: And right now there are a pair of Heresys on eBay on which the reserve has been met. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=873082392


Pic6.jpg Photo update soon! -HornEd

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Has anyone built a dipole that matched Heresy? Nope, therefore there is only one choice and that is all matched components. Great setup and one I am considering for the living room if I can get 7 of them. Only drawback is the center. Can't build a custom cabinet like HornEd without it looking funny. Of course, could always make it much larger and add a second woofer? Anyone know how big the cabinet would need to be?


Home Theater

KSP 400's


KSP S6's

Yamaha RXV995 (Current)

Bryston 9BST (On the horizon)

Bryston SP1.7 (A little further on the horizon)

Music Room




Ella PP EL-34 (Coming soon)

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I'll pile on with the 5 Heritage recommendation as well. 5 Heresys + Big Subbage = HT BlissSmile.gif If your subs are truly good, they can add to music enjoyment; lesser subs detract from the music, in my experience. Special emphasis on "big, tight subs" - I learned the hard way by not buying enough the first time. With 5 Heresys, buy more sub than you think you need. It will likely be just right. Think Klipsch RSW, SVS, Velo HGS, etc - the usual cast of "big boys" - and for best results, think pluralcwm17.gif


Klipsch Cornwall II's (mains)

Klipsch Academy (center channel)

Klipsch Chorus (surrounds)

Outlaw 750 Amplifier (5x165)

H/K AVR 75 (used as pre/pro - will be upgraded soon)

Bass Kit:

2 JBL 4638 LFE/Bass Reinforcement cabinets

Crown CE 1000 amplifier

Behringer Feedback Destroyer (Bass EQ)


Pioneer DV-333

2 Aiwa ADF-850 3 head cassette decks

General Instruments cable box

Panasonic VHS PV-4459

Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe (computer sound)

f> c> s>

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If you are puting the center Heresy on top of the big screen - I would just flip it upside down to get the Tweeter, sqwaker, as close to your listening levil.

Or mount it to the wall over the screen and tilt it downward to point directly at your prime sitting area.

If you do build a speaker that is unballanced looking, cover it up in black grill cloth.

If your using K-22 or K-24 woofers, and want to figure out the internal cubic feet, just take the overall dimentions of the Heresy and subtract the 3/4 inch per side for your design.


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I agree with everyone here. I have 4 matched Heresys with an Academy front and center and I am really pleased with the results. I also have the "controversial" JBL 4638 sub. Overall sound is phenomenal whether in 5.1 or 2 channel. I was warned here about matching Heresys and I am glad I did. Sound is great and the look is great.



Danartdis system

HK AVR 500

Heresy mains

Heresy rears

Academy center

JBL 4638"sub"woofer

PE 250 watt sub amp

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I have five well matched Heresies and a good sub. IMHO they make for a great HT system. Sound is very close to what you would get with the bigger Heritage speakers, just a bit less efficient. A Heritage based system will sound like your are in a real theater. Why shouldn't it? It uses the same kind of technology.

Best center is another Heresy of the same vintage. Best Klipsch speaker with a center channel form factor is the Academy. Your other options are KV-4 or KLF-C7. KLF-C7 is easiest to find.

You didn't give us the serial numbers of your Heresys. But based on the purchase date, I would guess that they have K-53-K squawkers instead of the K-55-V the earlier ones had. If you use three Heresys in the front, they should be matched in this respect. Preferably, all five speakers should be matched. There is a perceptible difference in midrange timbre between Heresys with the K-53-K and those with the K-55-V (at least to my ears). I bought a set in the process of building out my HT and replaced them with an earlier set that matched the rest of my speakers.

A good subwoofer is very important. You will probably want to cross over to the sub at 80 Hz even if lower is available on your receiver. The one I have doesn't stand out, just extends frequency response smoothly down to about 25 Hz, which is about all I want.

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Hi John,

Have read some of your reply's regarding heresy's on the forum and wanted to ask a couple of questions... I am doing a theatre 13 x 28 ft and wanted heresy's (3) as my front and center channels... I priced them from my local dealer (Soundtrak) and they said $625 ea .. thought that was real high so I went to a local commercial/pro audio source and found I can get kp-250 II b's for $509 ea. I have heard they are basically heresy's on steroids. Do you know how the two compare and is sound as good or better than heresy's... Also, can you recommend 2 rear channel speakers... I've been told by some tech guys at Klipsch that either the RS3 II . Do you have any other ideas. I want to mount by rears on the side walls.



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MTE: If you are thinking Heresys, jmalotky is correct - think used. Nothing wrong with used Heresys - they last longer than many of their owners do. Heritage is very quality built stuff.

And Jmalotky is also correct that the RF should not be used with the Heresys - read "timbre matching" subject in "home theater" to get the full explanation on why you don't want to mix the RF and the Heritage.

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