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Sharp 70-80 inch or Mitsubishi 82-92 inch


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IMO I don't see why DLPs are getting a bad rep from some folks. I have friends that have DLPs and once calibrated the picture looks really good and the viewing angle isn't too bad. Especially with 1080p content. As far as the light thing I don't think they wash out anymore than flat panels. Now the depth thing yes they are thicker....and you can even throw in noise. They are a little noisier than flat panels because of the fan. And every set has lemons so I don't think they are crap compared to flat panels. If you google any of the models you will get forums with people talking about the problems they had. I have a dlp front projector and the pic on it is amazing as well. The flat panels have a slight advantage in sharpness but thats with front projection.....not rear projection. Also IMO the Samsung sets have the best pic followed by LG and Sony. I really don't think you can go wrong with any of those choices. A dlp or flat panel. You will get more bang for your buck with the DLP but with either choice after you do a basic calibration the pic should look amazing. Also if you go the route of the retractable screen I would recommend a tensioned screen bc regular screens can eventually start curling up. But they are more expensive than regular screens so you will have to shop around if you have a budget.

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enough said. If viewing angle isnt an issue definitely go with a mitsu and these laservues are supposed to be amazing. Not too much depth for rear projection either and alot more bang for buck. DLP also would be a a better choice for straight ahead viewing and a dark room. Reviews are subjective for video or audio but i still read them for guidance and to lead me in the right direction. if youre looking for best bang for buck and viewing angle isnt an issue than a mitsu is the way to go no doubt especially if you want more inches. sharp quattron is a joke. marketing scheme is all bc they were falling behing so had to say they had a 4th color instead of 3 even tho its irrelevant to PQ. lg same, cant keep up. Flat panels are pannys and sammys by far way ahead of everyone else except sony but you pay a huge premium with a sonys higher end models. screen size and pq for your dollar is mitsu.

I definitely have to disagree with the flat panel statement. Neither Samsung nor Sony can compare with the picture quality of an LG when it comes to LED. I do however agree that Panny's are the best plasma. The only LED tvs that look better than an LG are the new Elites.

thats not what is says over on C/NET it says the Sony & Samsung are rated higher than the LG and the Samsung is the better plasma. Sharp is now making the Pioneer Elite TV's

so to answer you question Jason, C/NET says to get the Sharp 70"

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I honestly could care less. I only stopped in here because of your false comment made about the DLP sets. Anyway, good luck Jason.

OK, I'm going to try and put this in a very respectful perspective; first of all I wouldn't purchase any TV for my main system without viewing it and comparing it to the others I was considering; and I just purchased one about a month ago. Second on my list would be that all that matters when you make that decision is that it's right for you and you're happy with the purchase and you can take the reviews and others opinions and throw them out the window with the exception being the service issues related to a particular model and the companies response to real issues. My decision on what to purchase had to do with what I was looking for and what I liked and I looked at everything from the DLP's to the Samsung LCD's and the Panasonic plasmas and all in one store where I could adjust everything and look at the picture the way I thought it was dialed in properly. I choose a panasonic VT25 because of my viewing angle requirements, the deal that I got on a model that has been replaced and most importantly the fact that the picture (In my opinion and that's all that mattered) was much better than the others that I compared it to, regardless of the price. I looked at the Mitsubishi 73 and 82 and 92 in the 700 and 800 series, I looked at the Samsung 7000 and 8000 series LCD's along with all the Sony's, LG's and Sharps but for me this was an easy decision based on my needs, preferences and budget. Decide on the basics first, what's the minimum size that you're willing to live with, your normal lighting during viewing, what refresh rate you need to satisfy your normal viewing, your budget (knowing that 6 months after you purchase it it's going to be much cheaper), but most importantly you need to consider what you like in regards to the picture. I'm drawn to plasma in general because I feel it offers a more natural picture and for my viewing situation and preferences, but that doesn't mean that it is right for you. Whatever you decide on, I'm Happy for you and won't bash your decision and if you allow that to happen on here after you lay out 2,000-4,000 of your hard earned money, then shame on those that decide they know what's better for you than you do.[:$]
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I've always liked the rear projection tvs cause it looks more like film to me compared to lcd or plasma. When I bought my Sony 50 inch RPTV 4 years ago a lcd or plasma 50 inch would have cost me 40% more. So for ME the Sony was a better deal than the LCDs or Plasmas.

Everyone's is different on what they want from a tv. Find what you can afford and which tv has what you want and get it.

I'll probably get a Mitsu 73 soon.

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