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Listening Space House Cleaning


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Dam, what a great listening room! You've built a great set up Sean, you should be proud!


Shortly after I bought my La Scalas, I cut the cable/satellite connection and have never looked back. listening.gif

Congratulations Sean! [<:o)]


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Feels great to unclutter, right? I'll do that here: I unclutter one room, and the next room gets the "stuff dump"...Occasionally I have the clarity to realize that I must get rid of "treasure"...

Yeah that was my problem. All of the stuff that "I might use one day" ended up in the listening room. It's the biggest room in the house so it was a logical choice. When I started I decided that if it hadn't been used in a year it was trash. It was tough to throw some things out but it got easier as I went along. I think seeing the show "Hoarders" helped a bunch.

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