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Your 5 Favorite Brand Names?


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Brand loyalty comes very hard from my perspective. I am iron-arse
hard to please when it comes to corporations, and in the current time I
have loyalty to VERY few. Even the ones I'm loyal to only apply to
certain product segments within those companies....and if those segments
disappear or fail to be lived up to I discard that loyalty in due
course. I have an exception below....

- Klipsch: The exemplary openness of this forum
is a testament to how Klipsch stands up as a company: PERFORMANCE. We
can come in here and compare and contrast gears that compete directly
against Klipsch product, and in many cases members mix in these
other gears while still offering us a home to create and build our
systems. Oh, then they let us beat each other up over how to best feed them. What other company allows such open natured discussion of
competing products on thier own forum? Klipsch can do this because no
matter what us internet based audio junkies do with it (and that's a
considerable danger), Klipsch's products consistently rise above the
competition, particularly in value per dollar at most any given price
point. While I will always be impressed forever regarding Heritage
Series, and would be a fanboy of the old brand regardless, I still look
to Klipsch today as being still worthy of that loyalty, as they exhibit
many open characteristics that few other companies have the guts to do.
This forum as it stands says a LOT. THAT's "putting yourself out there".

- McIntosh (audio, of course): Again, primarily a fanboy
of the old schoiol gear but am still impressed with what they do today. I
like the simpler, hard wired early tube stuff, but one has to be
impressed with their attention to the old school ideas today without
ignoring modern realities and technologies. Still being a player in the
high end audio biz over all the changes in that industry is a FEAT.

- Toyota: I owe a good portion of my progress here on
this forum to this company. What the hello does my car choice have to do
with my audio exploits? The fact that I don't spend exorbitant repair
fees and replace my cars very often. When I started buying Toyota
vehicles my car troubles stopped. Corolla, Camry, Four-Runner and light
trucks completely changed the game of "average affordable cars for
average people", and the Sienna might be one of the most versatile
vehicles I've ever driven. Aside from the basic regular maintenance,
they start every day and run better at their respective mileages than
any other cars I have ever owned. Not getting "nicked and dimed" by my
vehicles allows for progress to occur in other areas of life.

"The Vintage Brand": In many, many cases, I am "brand loyal" to many of
the old classic companies who made stuff so good they last for years,
or are of such quality as to not be available new today. I buy used
Electrolux vacuums, Telefunken 12AX7s and other vintage tubes, and used
goods of all kinds, because older durable goods of 40 years ago are
often preferable to the brand new of today. Furniture often falls into
this category, too.I oft purchase used/vintage because it's preferable
or more affordable to new.

- "The Craftsman": The individual
craftperson - often with no brand at all, might be the ones I am most
loyal to. Craig (AKA NOSValves), Mark at JiucyMusic, and many other
single craftspeople provide the best quality AND service for the $$$. It
is with these individuals that quality still exists and is easily
recognizable, a trait all too absent in the "mass produced, lowest
price, one size fits all" goods of today. The best brands are only the
name of the person who did the work.....the best "brand" of all.

Honorable mentions: Panasonic, Nikon, Honda, Sony, JBL, Krell, New Belgium Brewing, John Deere.

I also am impressed with a company like Harley-Davidson, but I know I will never own one so many brands like it are not on my list.

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