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K33E square or round magnet -K43 - K48 any difference in sound - bass reproduction -


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To my fellow forum members ,

My klipsch speakers have a variety of K33E or K43 woofers

A) K33E - square magnets with the large dust covers 100 W -( not the square magnet version with small dust cap ) -

B) K33E round magnet - 100 W -

C) k43 - round magnet - 200 W -

I understand that these units have changed through the years , are there any differences in the specs of these different woofers or are they relatively the same -

thank you

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It depends on a lot of factors including box volume. there's a k-44 and k-45 thats not on your list. I like khorns with k-33's, LaScala's with k-45's.

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I like LaScalas with K43's because the higher BL product gives a tilt in the response for more output to "greet" the K400/K55 midrange section, so there is more presence and detail where it counts. The overall sound is much tighter and more detailed but you sacrifice a few db below 100 Hz. to do it, which is no problem if you have a sub that works well to 100 Hz. In my case my sub get weird after about 70 Hz. to I compromise with the K33, BUT the K402 goes lower than the K401, expecially with that huge 1133 driver, so it's a different setup altogehter vs. a stock LaScala or Belle treble section.

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