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Can you make a Heresy sound more like a K-horn

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I'm using a pair of Heresys as my center channel in a K-horn/LaScala setup and I'm not altogether happy with the tonal balance. The squawker being crossed over at a higher freq.and being smaller.

While matching the upper audio range with a Heresy is most likely impossible, I've read, and made, the tap changes that tweak the sound.

Steve P solved his dilemma when he found a K-Horn squawker and made a small box just for it and used an AA network. My problem is if I spend any more on my system, my next expenditure will be at the Comfort Inn.

Any one "happy" with a tap change or equivalent inexpensive change?




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Mike, I've been down your road. The Heresy makes a pretty good center for a pair of Cornwalls, but the size of the box is too small even with the Cornwalls. If it's just for voice tracks in movies, that should be okay, but if you're running 5 CH Stereo simulation, it will be wanting.

The only real way to fix your problem satisfactorily will probably be finding a bargain Belle somewhere (and they CAN be found), or even a lone Cornwall.

Failing that, however, and if your Heresy has a "E" series crossover (not the E-2), they you can diddle with the taps and caps. There were a lot of discussions about this about a year ago on this "Updating" forum.

Good luck.






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Sonic Frontiers Anthem AMP1 (driving Heresy's)

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The high end should not be a problem. Same tweeter and squawker driver. Pretty much the same frequency response above 700 Hz. Most of the difference you might hear should be betweem 400 Hz and 700 Hz because of the difference in frequency at which the squawker crosses over to the woofer. This is what Steve P's fix addresses. And of couse, there is a difference below about 60 Hz because of the difference in bass capabilities. A good subwoofer will deal with this problem.

I think a tap change on the Heresys will just make your problems worse.

Part of your problem may be from using two Heresys for the center channel. Funny things can happen when you do this, like reinforcing some frequencies and weakening others. IMHO you would be better off using a single Heresy with the appropriate boost at the amplifier to match the efficiency of the other speakers.

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I am using dual Heresys in an attempt to keep up with the K-horns. Their efficiency appears to be so much greater. On my Denon 3801, I'm running the Horns 6db lower than the Heresys. I'll try it with just one. When compared to the K-horns, the center sound seems restricted, not quite as transparent. I have 22" below my screen, max height, for any center. I am using a 16:9, 113" screen, which takes up most all the wall, limiting my "center" space. Thanks for the reply. MD

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Build yourself a shelf base for the Heresys. this will work like a Slant Riser set-up...but instead of a riser, it will be a shelf.

Take the Heresys, lay them down on their sides, tops toward the center, with the top-front edges about 1/2" apart. Angle the two fronts of the speakers inward toward the sweet spot. Use that angle to build the rear speaker support for the top rear of the shelf..it need only be about 1" high.

Measure the shape of the speakers on the floor to determine the outside dimensions of the shelf, itself. Cut it out of 1/2" baltic birch plywood. Add the pieces you have cut out for the rear speaker supports. Run a 1/2" wide strip from the center rear to the center front.

Lay speakers on their sides, top-to-top, on the completed shelf. The strip you ran from the center rear to the center front will keep the Speaker tops from touching each other.

Now, put blocks under the front of all of this until the Heresy fronts are angled to your ear height in the sweet spot. Measure the height of the shelf to the floor up front, and add a strip that wide across the front, then add tapered sides from front to rear...include 4 evenly spaced left to right 1 1/2" wide tapered braces under the shelf.

Put something soft on the surfaces of the shelf that the speakers will contact. Finish the rest of the shelf how you want it. Hook up the Heresys laid TOP TO TOP and notice the difference in the center channel!

Prior to building this, you can position the Heresys on their sides, top to top, on floor with paperback books under the front edges to test this out. It DOES make a difference!


If you want to send a private message, or have already done so, be aware I have not as yet been able to retrieve them. Send e-maill instead, please...just note Klipsch forum in the heading so it doesn't get deleted.

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Up until about 82 all (K/LS/B/C/H) used the K55V (Atlas) midrange driver and the K77 (EV) tweeter. The newer K/LS/B went to the K55M (EV) midrange while retaining the EV tweeter. The C/H went to a Hepner midrange with the EV tweeter. The CII/HII went to the Hepner tweeter. The new Hepner drivers gave the CII/HII response +/- 3dB to 20Khz vs +/- 5dB to 17Khz. The best Heresy to use for timbre matching with the Klipschorns would be the ones with the same mid and HF drivers, the pre 82 with K55V and K77 or K77M. This Heresy will have the type E network. I like the HDBR suggestion of side by side stacking and splaying to reduce comb filtering. I usually unhook one mid and tweeter to eliminate interference. A tap change and adding a 1.5µF cap is all that is required for proper operation. Details upon request.

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