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La Scala Cabinets?

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Hello, I bought a set of used La Scalas last month and I want to fix up the cabinets. They have a few marks and chips on them but over all are good. I don't want to paint them or anything but I know that I could sand them and put some sort of finish on like Minwax.

What would you recomend or what have you done? Do you have any photos of the finished product?

Thanks in advance for the help and have a great holiday weekend!


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With the correct wood putty and sealing techniques you can patch the chips and stain and they won't be seen. I had mine done professionally, so I only have a vague idea what he did, but even knowing where the chip in the "V" was I have trouble finding it. I'm not sure I can find it after 2 years. After the staining he put on a satin polyurethane. check out the front speakers on my web site. One day I'm going to have the rears redone to match (after I buy a Combat Commander and when I have $500 laying around unused).


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Hi guys! This isn't actually about Rob's question about refinishing his LaScala cabinets but this is a question about LaScala cabinets.

I just bought a pair of used LaScalas as well and one of the woofers is shot. Can anyone tell me how I would get inside that bass horn to replace it or take a closer look at it? I own a pair of Cornwalls as well so I am used to being able to unscrew the cabinet, but on the LaScalas I can't see any visible way to get in there.

Thanks guys,


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On most of them the bottom comes off, turn one upside down, see if there aren't a bunch of screws. The whole bottom plate comes off revealing a hole shaped right to get the woofer out.

On a few there's some way they come out from the top, I haven't seen this style myself.


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