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New Receiver for RF-7iis


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My xpa-5 and xpa-2 preform flawlessy without unwanted noise, also had a xpa-3 prior that preformed flawlessly as well. I will say I like them more than the marantz monoblock amps I had previous as well. I'd second taking a look at the umc if you dont need all the bells and whistles of current receivers. The quality of sound is more than enough to top any yamaha, hk, or marantz I've owned before. Worst case scenario is you sell off the umc if you absolutlely despise it or ask for a trial period and return it if they would grant you one and then you may still have 600 off the xmc coming out very shortly. I cant say I've studied the spec sheet of the xmc much but I'm pretty certain its not going to contain all the knick knacks and misc junk (useless content to myself) that are loaded into many receivers now.

Also take a look at the emotiva forum theres an onkyo 886 on there for sale that may be a reasonable choice as well, but that units only for sale because that person went with a umc as well.

The marantz 7005 I'd likely bypass and wait another month or two and buy the xmc first instead for practically the same or less depending if you have a discount card through emotiva.

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