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Denon 3806 receiver


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I bought a 3806 receiver as a backup for my 3311 and it has stopped working. It shuts off after turning on and the display goes off. The trouble shooting said it could be because it is going into protection mode. Is it worth repairing this receiver I paid $85 for it. It has a burr brown DAC and my 3311 doesn't so it should sound better. Does anyone have and experience with this receiver or one similar. It seems to be an Awesome receiver, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. My 3311 went in the shop after 6 months under warranty and the technician told me he replaced the mother board which cost $600. Any help will be appreciated.


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My Denon 4800 did the same thing one time. I had one small strand of speaker wire(don't remember if it was + or - ) touching the other speaker wire at the + - terminals.

Check all your speaker and make sure no speaker wires are touching the other speaker wire.

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