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1st Baby La Scala finished


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They are definatly crisper and require less wattage than before. Crossover may have alot to do with it since I am using a type E network.

Truthfully I was worried that they would sound bad after following the vast amount of threads here. I am happy and wouldn't change anything on the bass bins. The volume the things carry is so much better. Not to take a thing away form any original design. Klipsch inspired my insanity of a build.

Klipschaholic I have become.

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Do you have any way of measuring the frequency response? I would love to know how low the bass response goes with the scaled down cabinet. The stock scalas are good for ~60 hz or so; I would guess that these drop off somewhere around 100hz, but it would be cool to see some measurements. Great job by the way!

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