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HDF is used more often by cabinet makers because of its smoother finish, easier to paint nicely. One of the concerns with MDF is its nail or screw holding ability. With HDF this issue is of even more concern. Improvements over in MDF over the years seem to have negated some or most of the screw/nail holding issues. Also, these products are available in different grades, particularly MDF which has some products which are almost as dense as HDF, less expensive and more readily available. Even the $285,000 Genesis 1.2 uses MDF. However they also use Corian. So if you really, really want high density and mass build it with Corian. [:|]

Maybe greg928 or a few of the other Forum members seasoned in cabinet building and restoration can chime in. I'm sure they can shed more light on this than I have.

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As an owner of K-horns and la Scalas built over 36 and 35 years ago respectively, I wonder how well MDF holds up over the long haul. It would require a lot of convincing and a big leap of faith for me to spend in the thousands to purchase a MDF speaker. My experience is MDF doesn't do as well as plywood with the bumps and bruises that go with time, not to mention exposure to moisture. All things that you hope your prize speakers are not exposed to but are inevitable with the decades.

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Of the MDF furniture I have purchased the big thing is warpage, even the 1" thick desk. Now there are probably many variations of MDF and the stuff I have has metal mixed in with it and really destroys saw blades.


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