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How about a Klipsch portable Boom-Box??

Mighty Favog

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I would consider buying a Klipsch "boom box" for my audio-less work truck. I stopped by Radio Shack and they had a total of "one" boom box for sale.

Otherwise a $200.00 Bosch worksite boombox is a little steep.

What happened to all the table top radios for sale?

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This was just a loose idea because the last time I was in Best Buy I saw a radio/iPod docking boom-box from TDK(?).

In high school I didn't have a car. But I did have one hell-u-va skateboard from my sponser. Portable music pretty much only consisted of a boom-box and Walkmans weren't affordable yet. So I carried a nice Panasonic RX-5080 and would use it in the school yards I would practice at some miles away. Needless to say my hands got built up very nicely and to this day I can open a walnut with no tools or smashing them on a table. Just squeeeeez. :)

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I've actually thought about cobbling something together using one of the little tripath amps. It's been some time since thinking of this as a half way serious project. At the time was imagining using one of the Fostex full range drivers. It could be done with Klipsch easily enough, perhaps a pair of the outdoor speakers.

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