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My new (vintage) turntable is a huge improvement

Richard Guba

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I bought a Sanyo TP 825D on craigslist for $30. It is a 20 pound tank of a machine made by C.E.C in Japan. CEC also made Marantz turntables.

I was previously using my 1986 pioneer PL-670 black plastic P-Mount.

The difference is amazing. I played an original Charlie Byrd Riverside that was noisy on the Pioneer and it was quieter and with better definition on the Sanyo. I think the difference is that the Sanyo has a better arm and with the heavy double plith has better isolation.

The Pioneer was good on perfect condition records, but the Sanyo is better on all records.

And since this is a Klipsch forum the sound is awesome on the HIIIs.

So a heads up for those looking to upgrade on the cheap the Sanyo line from the early 70s is essentially the same as Marantz.

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I am running a plain vanilla Shure M97Xe I got from J and R Music online. I did not want to spend anything more until I knew the table worked. I bought the table on faith since the previous owner seemed honest. She claimed it sat in a cabinet for 10 years. It had a Shure M75 with a broken stylus on a Radioshack headshell. I picked up the M97Xe for less than the cost of a replacement genuine Shure stylus for the 75.

There are some threads on the Sanyo 825D (circa 1976) on audiokarma. It is very heavy and well made. As time went on Sanyo marked cheaper turntables but the 825D is quite good and flies under the radar since nobody expects a Sanyo to be good. The key is it is made by C.E.C in Japan just like similar Marantz turntables. Some say it is as good as much more expensive Pioneer models from the same era.

It is worth to check craigslist everyonce in a while. With this better turntable I finally get the vinyl thing. With my previous turntable CDs really did sound better, now my better LPs have the edge.

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