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SW-112 vs SW-115


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Here it is... helped the fedex guy move it off the truck barely an hour ago. All I can say for now is, use half gain settings for your initial set up as I thought this thing was going to literally shake my foundation apart... and I am not kidding either.

nothing is balanced or set up correctly, but it is preliminarily set up and thoughts are "NICE!"

For music I still am preferring no sub probably because I am running Cornwalls which have an abundance of low frequency response... but remember this thing is not set up correctly.

for movies, it add's tremendously...phenomenally... exceptionally. But it needs to be used carefully otherwise it will overpower everything else in your system.

As far as LFE reproduction goes... if LFE is supposed to scare the shyte out of you... Good Job Klipsch!




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Glad you are liking your new toy.

Keep this in mind as you get the sub dialed in. Someone once told me, "The only time you should notice your sub is when you turn it off". In other words, a proper sub should not bring attention to itself but instead blend in with the other speakers. I still prefer my dual subs working in conjunction with my RF-83's even though there is no lacking in the bass region from them.

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great looking sub and other speakers - but like mentioned, why is your amazing center sitting on the...floor...?????

I just got it... I need to build a shelf for it under the monitor location. as a matter of fact, that monitor is going away and another (64") is going in it's place... so there is a lot of work to do as yet.

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