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Ever Throw A Sexy Woman Out of Your House For Messing With Your Speakers???


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I am picturing this;





...NOT!!!  :angry:


Thanks for throwing water on the fantasies of all those following this thread.  :rolleyes:




I hope this helps as I fixed it the best I could. :emotion-14:


jacksonbart photo edited.jpg


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Very interesting. :o



Honestly, do you really think you can throw this woman out of your house for playing with your vinyl and dancing around your Klipschorn?


Sexy Woman and Klipsch Speaker.jpg








no complaints I like the Onkyo!

Zappa fan here as well. Saw him live a few times. can you post a bigger avatar? LOL.


Hope this helps:






Looks to me, you have the rear covered.........




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Short answer is yes, but it didn't involve speakers. :)  I had two similar things happen, not quite on the same level on the stripper antics but both involved an out of control woman who is half drunk and purposely acting even drunker.  


First actually was a stripper-ish situation, had one of my wife's friends over and she's showing off for her new boyfriend, at least attempting to dance sexy and whatnot, which was more like nervously talking way too loud and acting like a clutz.  Anyway, while she was dancing, her boyfriend just loses it out of the clear blue, jumps up, gets all bug-eyed, looks right at me while pointing at the girl and yells "SEE, THEY'RE LESBIANS!"  Dude was dead serious and VERY upset.  Apparently he didn't like some kind of imagined glance that this girl and my wife shared while the girl was dancing so he starts accusing them of being secret lovers and whatnot.  It just went downhill from there, he had obviously just gotten off the crazy train.  I think he was on some kind of drugs.  He started to get physical, up in everybody's faces trying to act intimidating, just really weird.  The night ended with me telling them to get the hell out, with me having one hand stuck in a hall closet, which was on my shotgun.  Yes it was that crazy.  


Second time was just a couple of months ago, have some friends over for a mini-BBQ, and she starts drinking.  But, she didn't do anything, it was her kids.  She doesn't discipline them much but at least keeps them somewhat in-line when they're over.  Well, she apparently forgot to do that.  So, basically my Rodrigo y Gabriela poster I had shipped over from England got destroyed, one kid jumped on a set of borrowed Magpul rifle training videos and cracked two of them, and they flipped over all my theater seats backwards, yanking the wires out from underneath them, you have no idea how ticked I was, just about made them leave.  One kid also took a toy tractor and rammed it into the side of my $40,000 jeep, which is apparently a recurring theme.  They just bought a nice house and about a week after moving in, within 24 hours two of them rammed two different nice neighbor's cars with bikes and whatnot, one of which resulted in a huge dent.  Just totally out of control.  

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