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Russkall Carver Amplifier Mods


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As I perused amplifiers on the bay this morning one that I came across grabbed my attention. It is a Carver M-1.0t Mk2 Opt2, which has a mod that seems to have a lot of very positive raves at thecarversite.com.

Just wondering if anyone here has one or knows about them. There are quite a few happy customers from what I can tell. The mod seems like a heavy duty modification, including a lot of circuit changes and component changes with different values from the original design. Normally, I would take a pass on such things. OTOH, I've owned a Sunfire True for 15 years and it is bulletproof and still sounds great, so my respect for Carver goods is very high.


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I know this post is ancient, but in case anyone still cares.....

I've know Russ from the Carver forums for a long time. The mods were actually designed by Rich Percararo who runs www.thecarversite.com. Rich freely shares the mod details & Russ has done many successful mods with 100% satisfied clients to my knowledge.

These modified amps are the REAL DEAL. They run cooler & have WAY higher output than the original (the output of the M1.0t was very underrated at 200 wpc for marketing reasons) while retaining the great original sound.

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