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If Klipsch did not exist, which speakers would you own?


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This could get interesting. Smile.gif

If you ask me, I really don't know. Maybe Bose? YEAH RIGHT! cwm44.gif


Coming soon...

Home Theater:

TV: Sony KV-ES38M91 (38" Direct View FD Triniton WEGA)

A/V Receiver: Marantz SR9200

DVD Player: Sony DVP-NS900V

Center: Klipsch RC-7

Mains: Klipsch RF-7s

Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7s

Subwoofer: SVS CS-Ultra w/Samson S1000 amplifier

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1-Altecs voice of the theater

2- cerwin vega AT 15s

3- EPIs

4- JBLs 15 inch 3 way

5- EV pro audio

6- Infinity

7- Kharma Grand Enigma

8- Soundesign LOL! Regards Jim


I fell in love with my Chorus, i like these as much, if not more than the cornwalls!

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Shush Jim - dont tell everyone. Chorus and Forte speakers are the best kept secret in Klipsch.

I have a friend with a pair of Fortes that are, IMHO, the best rock and roll speakers out there and incredible for the size. Heresy's with bass and an even better midrange.

Now if Klipsch didnt exist what would I own....well....tricky.

I might be tempted into ESL's. Either Quad 988's or Final 0.3's (maybe even Maggies) but the amplification is a nightmare. Of course if Klipsch had never existed I wouldnt know about efficiency and would happily be running 300 watts or so of power amp with a tube pre no doubt.

Or maybe ribbons - those VMPs speakers look very interesting - but they are so huge I am sure I would be single again if I bought them - if you know what I mean.

Nope - doesnt bare thinking about - go away - Klipsch is here and that is that!


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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The Cerwin Vega 217R and 417R were 12 and 15" three way designs that used Hepner mid and high frequency horns. Later Klipsch bought the tooling from Hepner and produced the mids and highs for the Cornwall and Heresy MKIIs as well as the KG series. The EV Sentry III was a 15" vented three way that uses the same tweeter diaphragm as the Klipsch K77, but was -3dB at 28hz. The EV Sentry IV was a dual 12" full horn loaded system using the Sentry III mid and HF section with a 50hz bass horn. The Community Light and Sound RS440 was a 15" combination horn and vented bass (like the Altec A7) with a 6-1/2" horn loaded midrange and a 1-3/4" high frequency horn with two horn loaded super tweeters. Time-aligned, it won a best-of-show award when inroduced. At a hi-fi show, not a PA or music show. Numerous JBL designs. Keep in mind that except for the CV models, all the others were more money than the Klipsch. For the price of a Heresy, EV had an 8" two way with a 1-1/2" paper cone tweeter.

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I tend to go for the best bang for the buck. Magneplanars are extremely inexpensive for what they can do. I own a pair of B&Ws, but I think I would grow tired of them. Altec Voice of the Theater's hold a loving place in my heart, but are no longer produced (but if Klipsch were not around, maybe Altec would still be?). Dynaudio seem to have a small following on this board, but the prices I see let me pass on those. Quads are wonderful, but I think the Maggies price better.

So out of those choices, I would think Maggies.

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Original series B&W 801f with the "Golden Flute" bass alignment filters, with the protective circuitry in the crossovers bypassed, with as much solid state amp as I could afford - at LEAST 800 watt / speaker, preferably much more.

Or, in an altogether different vein, the Avantgarde Acoustic Duo or Trio.


Music is art

Audio is engineering

Ray's Music System

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That is a tough question. I don't know crap about what else is out there. But if Klipsch was to go away now, I think I would do a set of DYI speakers. I am confident that you could get the materials you would need to build something excellent. And to think, you could use what ever wood you wanted stain/paint it what ever colors you like.


m00nsCinema to be

the m00n system





RECEIVER: Harman Kardon AVR 520

DVD: Toshiba SD 3205 (DD, DTS)

TV: Samsung 27" Flatscreen

COMPUTER: ProMedia 4.1

c>Microsoft XBOXc>


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Big maggies, or perhaps a pair Martin Logans...if I won the lottery I might go for revel studios...but then I'd have to swap for big amps...hmmm, stay with horns? the unos...warm regards, and long live Klipsch!, tony

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Bose cwm3.gif


Fronts----KLF 30's


Receiver--JVC RX-9010V



TV--------Panasonic tau 32 HDTV

DVD/DVD Audio------TOSHIBA SD-5700

Game System- XBOX



1.8 P4 - 640 megs of DDR ram

Geforce 3

120gig and 60gig 7200rpm harddrives

8000 Mp3's, all hooked up to my receiver via USB

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JBL all the way. I own JBL and I would buy again.


Receiver: Sony STR-DE675

CD player: Sony CDP-CX300

Turntable: Technics SL-J3 with Audio-Technica TR485U

Speakers: JBL HLS-610

Subwoofer: JBL 4648A-8

Sub amp: Parts Express 180 watt

Center/surrounds: Teac 3-way bookshelfs

Yes, it sucks, but better to come. KLIPSCH soon! My computer is better than my stereo!

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Depends. For music B&W CM2, JMLab Cobalt 806, Totem Acoustic Rokk or Dynaudio Audience 42. For home theatre Paradigm Studio or Energy Veritas.

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If I had never gotton my promedia v2.400's, I would be "enjoying" a 5.1 OPTIMUS home theater via Radio Shack. It was either invest into that or get the ProMedia's... well, I think I went the right route Smile.gif Otherwise I would also have probably continued my 'love' of BOSE and encouraged my dad to get the $3400 BOSE home theater we were JUST about to get before i got my ProMedia v2.400's. When We compared my $270 speakers to the $3400 speakers we were going to get at the BOSE outlet, we walked right out of there. We went straight to Tweeter Home Entertainment and got a set of Klipsch Quintets, 6 months later we got the Synergy's, and now, we are getting a 5-7 RF-7 system... what is next? Smile.gif Wow, what an improvement on BOSE and OPTIMUS! LoL!!!



SoundWise Support

A technical help site created by me and my fellow Klipschers

I am an amateur, if it is professional;

ProMedia help you want email Amy or call her @ 1-888-554-5665 or for an RA# 800-554-7724 ext 5

Klipsch Home Audio help you want, email support@klipsch.com or call @ 1-800-KLIPSCH

RA# Fax Number=317-860-9140 / Parts Department Fax Number=317-860-9150s>

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Hmmmm--Well Klipsch does exist and I've given up my LaScalas and Cornwalls for Altec VOTs, JBLs, Edgars, Altec 605s. Interesting that some here wouldn't even be using horns if there was no Klipsch, odd.

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Martin Logan SL-3000s. La Scalas with a HUGE sound stage.

As homely as La Scalas are, Altec A-7s are far worse. I have heard them as sound reinforcement speakers for a rock band I hung around in college. I was unimpressed at the time. There's no telling how they had them eq'd, so I can't completely pass judgement on them. However, based on that experience and the butt-ugly grey cabinets, most Altecs wouldn't even be considered. I like the look of the 19. Perhaps if I heard a pair, I'd think differently. At least some of the 19s had 811 horns and 800-series compression drivers. I'd think they'd sound pretty good. However, based on the sound of those A-7s, I wouldn't go out of my way to find a pair.

Sorry, Tom.

I have a pair of 511B horns and when I find a nice deal on a pair of 806/802/902 drivers, I'll try to build a pair of 2-way La Scalas. Maybe then I'll hear what the hub-bub is about.


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John---Many A7s sold for rock band use used 421 woofs and 808 drivers, not the best sound but more power handling, enough power handling to acoustically overload the 1" drivers and drive them into distortion. You don't like the cabinets? Really? Wow. :-) The 19s used the 416 woofer and the 802 with the later tangerine phasing plug, some Altec freaks consider them the best VOT varients made. I like VOTs for their midrange, IMO it's more robust and lifelike than Klipsch which sound a little "squinchy" and raspy to me. The 515 woof in the 825 box, A5, is the best thing I've heard for upper bass-lower mids. And well-damped 511s sound very nice. VOTs are soft on the highs compared to Klipsch, I like that but my best friend hated the highs on his Altecs so we traded, my Cornwalls for his Altec 605s. We're both happy. And of course dynamics, clarity and output are on a par with Klipsch. But that's my opinion John, your's is as valid of course, feel free to consider me full of, ah, hot air. I still vastly prefer "real" Klipsches over most speakers. For what it's worth ole PWK admired the VOT.

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