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NAD M25 comparisons


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I have the same front 3 speakers as you and on my way to replacing my surrounds to exactly what you have. Check out outlaws website. They have a discount on the 7700 when you buy a marantz. I have the av7005 with the 7700 and couldn't be happier. There is more power than you'll ever need . The amplifier barely gets warm during loud listening sessions and with t.v. or movies not even warm. The av7005 has xlr outputs and no amps. This keeps the heat out of the processor which is what eventually kills all electronics. The processor stays cool the amp stays cool and you dont have to worry about overworking or damaging anything. This is my opinion of course but its what I came up with when I was in the same spot your in now. Hope this gives you some insight. I know exactly where your at. Good luck.

How much of a discount for the 7700? I've also heard from other members on the board that outlaws tend to play brighter, is this your experience?

Right now I am watching a BD at -20 on my SC 35 avr and my mains and front height speakers are using less than 1 watt 98% of the time. Transient peaks in the movie will increase the wattage up to around 2 watts. This is around an average listening level of 75 db, p[us or minus a few db not counting peaks. Only if the avr is at -10, which I don't use, will the wattage go up to near 20. That is very loud and not my usual listening level. For music the avr is usually between -30 to -50, so I am in no danger of blowing anything.

How have you measured this? If you are only using 1-2 watts, what's the point of having 200? For that matter, what's the point of separates in the first place? The AVR should be plenty of power, correct? I guess I'm lost now...After that last post, I just really don't see the points of spending all that extra money for power that will never be touched. I would rather spend money on a really nice AVR that is going to give me a nice sound and lots of options for tweaking if I so desire. What am I missing here? What is the benefit of separates?

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This is my personal opinion, so as not to start a war on the forum. Amps usually have a higher slew rate, so that voltage change can be accomodated and provide better dynamics. They also provid a higher available current and damping factor, which also relates to dynamics and control of the speaker cone. A typical speaker can go from 3-4 ohms to 20 ohm load/impedace during dynamic passages in music/movie. When this occurs the sound from the speakers get compressed or clips. For example when watching a movie, that cause for a 105 db peak and the amp/avr can't deliver it, the signal to the speaker is clipped to protect the amp in most cases. This is why lower or mid price avr may not be the best choice for demanding speakers. Yes, Klipsch speaker can be demanding inspite of their sensitivity. I like the ideal of a good avr with the option of pre-outs for the front stage. This is a more cost effective way to get the benefits of an amp. The aesthetics of your system also comes into play. Now with some of the newer Class D avr's, this become lesser of an issue since there are separate amps for each channel. You should recieve less fat bass, vocal and instrumental clarity. There is a lot more theory concerning amps. A good amp can last you 20-30 years. Buying on the used market makes a lot of sense due to cost / benefit ratio. The build quality is usually superior to an avr and heat is less of an issue, which lead to clipping, equipment burnout and lost of dynamics. Other will disagree, so in the end it is a personal choice. The avr offer the benefit of nice features compared to separate pre-amp due to the economy of scale, that stop smaller companies from upgrading formats and features as often. Not to mention the benefit of passive vertical bi-amping or electronic bi-amping for even greater benefits. Amp up the cost of a system and only you can determine wheater it was beneficial. This hobby is expensive, addictive and rewarding, lol.[:P]

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