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Silent fans to cool tube amps

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Hi, Does anyone know of a brand or type of (as quiet as possible) cooling fan that I could put on top of the vent of my H.H.Scott 299C amp? I'm thinking a 3 to 4 inch size that plugs into the back of the amp, so when I turn the amp on, the fan turns on with it.



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I tend to salvage fans out of computer hardware. Many are pretty loud when running at their rated 12V but whisper quiet running at 9V.

I have a BUNCH of fans here and a few 9V "wall warts". I can hook you up with one if you want to try it.

Sitting on top of my Onkyo receiver is a 4.5" fan that runs 24X7. I can't hear it with my ear right next to it. It is one of the few thermally controlled fans that I own. When there's no heat it's moving really slowly. It has to have 12V to make the thermistor work correctly. Even af full RPM it's very quiet.

I've tried a couple of 110V fans in the 4.5" to 6" size and I'm pretty sure that there are jet engines that are quieter.

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Guest davidness

I had my tube amp on a rackmount shelf. Above the amp, I installed a Middle Atlantic Ultra Quiet rackmount fan unit, that automatically adjusts the fan speed depending upon temperature build-up. It includes a temperature probe.

See here.

I acutally just stopped using mine, so if you're interested, let me know and we'll discuss price. I have the model UQFP-4.





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