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SVS Subs with Forte I Mains in a Large Room

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I'm finally trying to finish my HT, mostly for my son as I really don't watch a lot of movies. I have Forte I mains and they sound pretty good on the deep end but of course we're missing the really low stuff. Ok so after reading a lot I finally thought I'd decided to get an SVS PB12-NSD, but am having second thoughts after conversing online with Jack from SVS.

My HT room is in my basement (concrete floor with padded laminate flooring) and is pretty large (approx 850 ft^2 with 8' ceiling; so 6800 ft^3) and frankly I'm not looking for earth shaking crazy bass; just trying to get down around 20 Hz pretty cleanly. I'd read a few reviews of the PB12-NSD and thought it would be great bang for the buck in there, but Jack has me strongly considering the PB12-PLUS based purely on the size of my room.

Again I'm not after crazy bass levels and I can't stand muddy, boomy bass that I hear in most people's setups. Frankly I can afford the Plus, it's just that I'm questioning whether I'll get anything out of it at moderate listening levels and have ZERO sub experience. I'd appreciate any feedback.


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