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My Klipsch review


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I've had my new speakers for a couple months so I thought I would *try* to write a review of sorts of my setup. I've only had one other speaker system which was a harmon kardon HKTS-18 7.1 setup so this is what I'm comparing to as far as my experience. I thought they were pretty decent and will be set up in the bedroom as soon as my other AVR comes in. I wanted to get some floor standers for my next set up and after a bit of research I went with Klipsch. I wish I could have had the opportunity to hear some other brands, but I have absolutely no regrets in my purchase since having them and listening to them. Movies are a whole new experience and I've been re-watching a lot movies just to see how they sound. I know that I probably could have saved some money on my surrounds and rear surrounds by going a bit smaller, but my whole thing was that I wanted to future proof and be able to rock out in any room I may ever have. Being in the military, I move more than the average person and who knows what kind of house I'll end up in next. I also didn't want to worry about upgrading and having the 'what if' question in my head. It was my first major stereo purchase and I wanted to get what I wanted to get. I would have loved to go with RF-7II and RC-64II, but that was a touch out of my price range. I was lucky the wife let me do what I did, and again, no complaints/regrets and I really don't see myself upgrading to those anytime soon, if ever.

RF-82II - Kind of hard to review in HT as they blend well with the center channel. I guess the best way I can describe them as being very full sounding. I hear details in the soundtrack that I never really heard before. I also love listening to music with them in stereo. I haven't done extensive music listening as I usually just throw last.fm on when I'm getting ready for work in the morning, but when I'm sitting there and actually listening I just can't help but appreciate the sound coming from them and that's even from an internet streaming source. I need to start listening to my CD collection again. I would love to give these things some more power, and will be able to do that when my new 4311 comes in, so I may have more to say about these in the near future. edit: After hooking up the new 4311, I listen to music on these a lot more than I used to. They sound so freakin good. When I'm sitting in the MLP I can hear absolutely everything from both speakers. Sounds I never heard in a recording are jumping out at me. If I'm a little off from the MLP, they still sound awesome, but the imaging isn't as good (which is to be understood). No complaints there. I don't have the speakers toed in much since the wife and I utilize the whole couch when we watch movies and both sit in different spots all along it. Because of these I am having a whole new appreciation for the tunes in my collection, phenomenal.

RC-62II - I wasn't expecting a center channel to be this large, ha ha. Especially after going from what I had before. Dialogue is always clear and again, I'm hearing new things all the time. There are times that I have to turn it up if I'm listening at low volumes (1 year old sleeping). I can't really blame this on the speaker but more on the dynamic range of movie recordings. If I'm listening at the volume I normally listen at, I'm never straining to hear what they are saying, which I did sometimes on my last center channel.

RS-62II - Some of you may find this odd, but I have to say these are probably my favorite part of my system. The surround sounds are the best part of watching 5.1/7.1 movies imo. Every time I watch a movie I comment to my wife that I love surround sound and my speakers. I really like the dispersive sound of the RSs. I'm sure I would have been happy with direct firing speakers as well, but for the surrounds I absolutely love the bipole sound. There are times when 5.1 sounds like 7.1 the way the sound moves behind you, it just seems really seamless from right to left or vice versa like the sound is also moving across the rear surrounds. I would highly recommend trying out some bipoles in your system if you don't have them. They aren't for everybody, but they are definitely for me and if I ever buy another system, I will be going with bipoles again. The only thing I don't like about these is listening to music in all channel stereo. I really just can't do it...In my setup I only listen in stereo now because it just sounds really off if I try to listen in all channel. I'm not sure if it's the fault of these speakers, but in my last setup all the speakers were exactly the same so listening in all channel stereo worked out quite well. I don't think the dispersive sound of these is very nice to 2 channel music, but with concert DVDs they still do an excellent job.

RB-81II - I feel bad using these as rear surrounds because I feel they would work very well as front speakers and they don't get much usage. I'm not really a fan of using matrixed settings as I prefer to listen to the soundtrack as it was intended. Hopefully more and more 7.1 movies keep getting released so they get more use. When they do get used, they sound fantastic. The last movie I watched with 7.1 was Transformers 3 and holy cow! Every speaker in the system got a work out including these. They just tie everything together and just like every other speaker they are clear and full sounding. I don't have too much more to say about these because of their lack of usage, but I'm glad they are back there when I need them.

SW-115 - I can only compare this to the 10" sub I had before, but I am far from dissatisfied with this thing. It blends extremely well with the rest of my system and can rumble the house when it needs to. I'm sure it could even sound better with some tweaking or different placement, but with my small space I'm a bit limited in experimentation. At any rate, I think it sounds awesome *all* the time. With movies it rumbles and punches just like it should, and with music it sings. The sound is tight with no 'boomyness'. With music, it compliments the 82 IIs very nicely. Again, bass notes are tight and pronounced but not overpowering. I think it sounds perfect with the rest of my system and will be picking another one up when I save up the money. I wish I had more experience with some of the internet direct sub companies to make more of a comparison, but I can tell you that this sub sounds great to me, and in the end, that's all that matters.

This is my first 'review' of these speakers. I've said snippets here and there in other threads, but I thought I would put together my own thread in case a prospective buyer wanders through. I hope you all enjoyed reading. If you can't tell, I really love my new speakers and my wife is quickly becoming a fan as well. I have not gotten any harshness or fatiguing that I've heard you can get with Klipsch. Maybe the newer ones are toned down a tad to avoid this. I can and will recommend Klipsch to anybody wanting to buy HT speakers. I'm definitely a fan =^)

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When I first brought my speakers, I was mostly into movies, but the music grew on me. Now I am more music than movies. The Klipsch gave me a new appreciation for music. I think the WDST speakers are so cool in the HT. Thanks for your service: I am glad my days in the service are over. It was a great experience.You have put together one great setup[Y]. Enjoy!!!

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Congrats on your new receiver I've really enjoyed my Denon 4800!!

I bought my first Klipsch speakers when I was in the USAF at the BX on base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Walked into the stereo section and saw a pair of Heresys for $565. Bought em and shipped em home and enjoyed them for many years.

Off topic but just watched Act of Valor and very good movie![Y]

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I bought Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon on SACD only to find out that the PS3 didn't play SACD. Totally bummed about that as I don't really want to throw money down on a bluray player. Maybe some day...

I did the exatct same think as you, i was in FYE, and i saw Pink Floyd, and i saw it was a hybrid SACD, and i was thinking to my self, hey my PS3 can play this, so i bought it, took it home, played it, and it didnt sound any different, althought it a GREAT sounding cd, then i go online, just to figure out that the PS3 will not out put SACD.
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the PS3 will not out put SACD.

that is somewhat UNTRUE... SOME early four slot PS3 configurations will play/output sacd.

Mine did.


Only the firs generation ones played SACD. I miss mine. RIP countless hours played in Japan on that thing. Lots of military folks on here. USN, and almost through!! Prolly gonna miss my paycheck though lol
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its because they over built the first ones then smartened up. you can find the first ones that i just got rid of on the bay for 1000 bucks still. i payed 300 for mine release day in japan which was earlier than here and people were selling them here for like 2000. and i sold it broken to a guy for 150 because he wanted the drive out of it to put in the second generation one to take advantage of all the first gen capabilities

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