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My Klipsch review


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Yea the older ones did, but SONY has gottin cheap.

On the other hand, my (3-year-old?) Sony S550 Bluray player didn't play SACDs. It started bugging, so I just bought a $140 Sony S590 and it is plays them to HDMI. That's one analog-outut player I can remove from the rack and get betterbass management.

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Got my 4311 set up. Gonna give it some more time before I give it a review, but initial thoughts are great for movies, ok for music. Needs more tweaking I'm sure. More to come...

When you get the 4311 tweaked, you are gonna love the 82s, center, and surrounds on it with movies and music . . . An amazing AVR. I have had until recently a Reference setup very similar to yours (Rf82s, Rc62s, RS52s, RB61s) and moved from what I thought was an outstanding Pineer AVR to the 4311ci . . . Once tweaked, the 4311 woke up my Reference setup . . . Like having a new bigger system. Simply feels like the 4311 was made for Klipsch! My next move is to add some preamps.

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