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Walnut color???


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I just recently won a pair of Heresy III's at the Klipsch Pilgrimage yes I know how lucky I am due to it being my first time there :-). My brother had made speaker stands for my

parents Heresy II speakers that I was using a few years back and had left them unfinished wood. We are now in the process of trying to match the exact or pretty close to the

color of the new Heresy's. There are probably twenty or so different colors of Walnut out there So if anyone could please tell me what number or color of Walnut Klipsch is

using for there Heresy III speakers I'd appreciate and we will post pics once I get the the speakers and we start the project.... Thanks again for the help.

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It is probably more difficult than you think. Not that I know what you think, of course. It is not like matching paint where you can go to HD and match things up (but see below re paint).

It is difficult to get one species of wood to look like another, Otherwise some cheap woods could be made to look like beautiful oak, mahogany, or walnut -- which is not happening. One reason for this is that different species take stain or dye in different ways and the grain structure / pattern will be different.

One thing is just exactly what type of wood the stand is made out of.

If walnut or walnut veneer you probably have a chance with a careful study of dye. But you may know that recent Klipsch walnut speakers (probably your is more light than older ones. See http://www.garrettwade.com/product.asp?pn=99P10.01. Down at the bottom one of our buddies posted a picture. I'm not sure there is any stain on the new ones. Maybe very little. It could be that if your stands are walnut and not stained you'll need very little stain.

If the stand is made from something else like poplar it is probably more difficult and if pine (fir) it is even more difficult.

If you want to investigate let me recommend an actual dye http://www.garrettwade.com/product.asp?pn=99P10.01.

The bottom line is that matching color is an art. If I had to do it I'd start with the Solar Lux in medium walnut and play with the reducer to adjust intensity.

But I built some stands from birch plywood for Quartets (walnut) and painted the stands white. Okay but maybe black would have been better because it matches the grill. I might do that.

Another thought. HD and the like have paint matching machines. I wonder if it is possible to create a paint which is close to the overall tone of the walnut. I don't recall if the machine is such that it will take something as big as a speaker box or riser to examine.


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Hey there JF.....it's artto ~ I was sitting next to you at the pilgrimage when you won the Heresys (the guy with the tube amps and McIntosh ~ we were talking amps).

My suggestion is to find out if your brother still has any of the wood lying around that he made those stands out of. You could then use some of the scraps of wood to experiment with a few different colors of stain to get the closest match. Keep in mind that the stain will change color somewhat as it dries. I'd wait at least a few weeks to make a final decision on color.


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