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My impressions of S3's


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I have not seen much written about these yet, so I thought I would write a little review. I have owned a pair of S4's, which I love... they are a little heavy on bass for my taste, but I do think they are great. I acquired these from the Klipsch Pilgrimage this past weekend (won them in a drawing - THANK YOU KLIPSCH). My S3's are the "Galaxy Green" color and I must say, the longer I listen to them the more I like. The bass is not as present as it is with the S4's, in fact the bass seems more "punchy" and less boomy than in the S4's, which I like because I listen to Heresy's most of the time. The highs and mids are both good and accurate, but they do not have quite the "presence" that the S4's do. The S4's definately have mor "slam factor". That being said, these will be my excercising and listening to rock and pop music pair. My S4's will be my pair for classical, jazz and relaxation.

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