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I will be purchasing a new amp/reciever for my heritage speakers this summer. I say Amp/Reciever cause if I can find a reasonably priced seperates I would get them. If not then I am looking for an quality reciever that would not shame the heritage line. ???ONKYO, DENON, H/K, MARANATZ??? any suggestions? Thanks

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$500 would be ideal, but I'm sure would put out around $1,000 if I thought I was getting a great deal. And if say the reciever was upgradable like the top ONKYO.

I'm looking for the cleanest power cause those heritage speakers will play the lowest hisssss when the volume is turned up. I also suppose I would like it to have a 6.1 option or a 7.1 option. I have a lot of two channel stereo recievers laying around if it is 5.1 and has an output for the 6th or 7th channels.

I'm also looking for power around 100Watts per channel. I have no knowledge of tube amplifiers other than they sound great with music. Are they ok for Home Theater? If so, is there any way I could fit a tube setup under $1,000?

I am just kind of curious what others thought worked well with their heritage line.


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I'd like to recommend a Sherwood Newcastle 9080R preamp. The Newcastle line is a high end line for Sherwood and nothing like some of the junk that they have produced. You can find them new or used for under 500.00. This is one nice preamp. I own two. It has 6 channel inputs for SACD/DVD-A, DTS, DD, and prologic decoding, analog pass through, great bass management, and a great back lit remote. Then I would look at ubid to pickup a parasound 85 watt amp new for about 380.00. The Newcastle amp 9080m got mixed review but that can be had for under 500.00 too. You'll have a kickass system and much better than a receiver.

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It depends on the receiver and amp/preamp combination you're comparing. B&K makes a 3k receiver that is essentially a speperate amp/preamp all in one box. Most receivers make comprimises to keep the cost down and to fit everything into one small box. I use to have my upstairs Hereseys hooked up to a HK receiver and they didn't sound too good. They lacked tight bass and there was an overal flat sound to them. When I hooked these same speakers to my Sherbourn amp and Newcastle preamp and the speakers came alive and sounded wonderful. Carver, ADCOM, Rotel, B&K, Creek, Parasound a few others make inexpensive amps that sound wonderful. I buy lots of used equipment and have never had a problem. You might want to look for a used B&K av5000 amp or an older Parasounds amp. I think I would put the ADCOM at the bottom of my list with Klipsch speakers. The Newcastle preamp is excellent and has a 6 channel pass through. I recently bought a DVD player with SACD, DVD-A, DTS and DD. I now use the DVD players decoding with the Newcastle. Although, the Newcastle has some excellent Dacs too. After you get your preamp/amp make sure that you buy a subwoofer. I can't stress enough how much enjoyment a sub adds to 2 channel and multi-channel music and movies. Partsexpress sells a Titanic 12" sub kit that can be had for around 350.00. You can buy the driver for a lot less and build your own cabinet. I would however, suggest that you build a passive sub and buy an inexpensive amp to drive the sub. The sub amps that prtsexpress sells are not that good. However, most sub amps aren't. Good luck.

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You have to check out the Marantz line of receivers. Hiss is a foreign word...I mean these are SILENT. It's really quite amazing. The SR8000 might be a bit pricy for your budget but give the SR7000 a listen in direct mode to bypass all the digital filtering. They compliment the heritage line very well musically and don't take a back seat for Ht either.





'81 Cornwall 1 mains B2 Crossover

'73 Heresy Centre

'78 Heresy Surrounds

Paradigm PW2200 Sub Subwoofer

Marantz SR8000 AV Receiver

Hitachi 53" RPTV 53SBX59B

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