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Advice requested: Favorite Miles Davis CD's

Daddy Dee

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Friends, I'm interested in acquiring a few Miles Davis CD's. Have only Kind of Blue and love it. I'm not doing vinyl, so thanks for good thoughts from the folks already in polyvinyl nirvana. Any recommendations and comments are appreciated. any non MD recommendations also welcome.

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I love just about any Jazz from that 50s/60s era except MD himself. I don't know why that is either. I do think that listening to music is a journey and it's especially true with Jazz. Maybe Miles just isn't part of my musical journey? Anyway, I really enjoy John Coltrane (he worked with Miles on Kind of Blue). John recorded "Giant Steps" shortly after. Another great one is "Blue Train" by John Coltrane. Below are couple of examples:



Now you did say non MD recommendations welcome, right? [:D] One of my favorites by the legendary Bill Evans Trio:

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We Want Miles is a double album recorded by jazz trumpeter Miles Davis in 1981, produced by Teo Macero and released by Columbia Records in 1982. The album features one of the first live appearances by Davis in more than five years, at Boston's Kix Club, on June 27, 1981. Other tracks are recorded at Avery Fisher Hall, New York, on July 5, and in Tokyo, October 4 of that year. First released on CD in Japan as a two-disc set (CBS/Sony CSCS 5131/5132), subsequent CD releases fit the music onto one disc. Columbia Records have never released it on CD in North America. This album won the 1982 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance by a Soloist.

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For me there all good before "******* Brew",,ymmf,,if you like expermental -Be Bop style his laterworkis for you.Some of my other faves are-

Ascenseur pour Lechafaud

Sketches of Spain

Round midnight


& of course the other for mentioned collaborations --Fantastic

Welcome to the world of "Miles" Daddy D

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Well, DD, kept wondering why "Kind of Blue" hadn't been mentioned until I got to your original post.

The copy of that one I have is "vinyl good" and one of the best CD's technically I've ever heard.

And I DO vinyl...wouldn't be a bit better in this case.


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Miles Davis, The Complete Concert, My Funny Valentine

w/Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, George Coleman and Tony Williams

Recorded live at Lincoln Center's Philharmonic Hall in 1964

Columbia/Legacy C2K 48821

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Mallette, I would really like to know which pressing of "Kind of Blue" you are using. K.B. is one of my all time favorite, & I have at least 3 different recordings. - ck40579 & ck64935 being the most recent redo? There all good to my ear but defiantly engineered different.


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Miles In The Sky is another great one, so many other greats already mentioned here, but I also just have to say Kind of Blue is not only the best jazz album I have ever heard, but possibly one of the greatest albums... ever.

Chris Botti is another great jazz artist if you are looking to expand a little. Night Sessions (2001) is a great album of his to get started on, considering his biggest influence was Miles Davis, he should also be right up your alley.

Midnight Without You and A Thousand Kisses Deep are other standouts.

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Mallette, I would really like to know which pressing of "Kind of Blue" you are using.

I THINK it's Jazz Heritage Society. I'm at work. I'll try to remember to look it up. Incredible cymbal reality which really showed it's possible to have high freq performance on CD and that most of the issues we hear with them are engineering failures more than format failures.


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Lots of great recommendations. [Y]

I think this is a great set, at a great price. It's under $40.00.... [;)]


Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions [box set, Original recording remastered]

Miles Davis



So which was the greater Miles Davis quintet, the legendary postbop
band of the '60s featuring Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams
and Ron Carter or the proto-bebop unit of the '50s featuring the
emerging John Coltrane? As properly celebrated as the former is, a
strong argument can be made for the latter, which in pouring out five
albums' worth of material for Prestige in three marathon sessions (to
fulfill a contract) took the group aesthetic to dazzling heights--and
has been endlessly imitated ever since. Driven by the rhythm section of
Red Garland, Paul Chambers and Philly Jones, this band was a remarkable
blend of whiplash power and airy emotion--not always perfect or
polished, but with the sublimely contained Davis and fiercely
uncontainable Coltrane playing off each other, always eventful. (The
familiar songs include "Oleo," "If I Were a Bell," "Four" and "My Funny
Valentine.") To entice those who already own Chronicles: The Complete Prestige Recordings (1951-1956) or the individual quintet albums (including "Cookin'" and "Relaxin'"), The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions
offers a bonus disc featuring previously unrecorded radio and TV
performances from 1955-58 of acceptable sound quality. Two tracks are
from a 1955 installment of The Tonight Show with Steve Allen
(whose hipster reputation is retroactively diminished by his painfully
square remarks). An intriguing later track, pointing toward Kind of Blue,
features Bill Evans at the piano. The enhanced portion of disc four
includes transcriptions of five Davis solos. Though the package's cover
painting by Davis won't make anyone forget Picasso, the 40-page booklet
boasts characteristically incisive notes by Bob Blumenthal.
--Lloyd Sachs

Amazon Link ------> CLICK HERE


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