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Mixed up owners, ESL and horns?

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My speaker history;

All kinds of junk, often stacked.

Dahlquist DQ10's more than a decade.

Quad ESL57 with paired Sonus subs, sold the DQ10's, listened in bliss until dropping transformer through a bass panel during upgrade.

Quad ESL63, added Enigma dipole sub, traded in the 57's (regretted to this day), still have the 63's, but not played in a few years due to a crackling panel and home theater issues (center channel blend, Clements sounded MUCH better than old center, but not with Quads, fine with Signets).

Signet SL280 with a Clements center channel and Costco KLH 12" sub, stereo listening dropped off and home theater ruled.

Klipsch Heresy (with bad woofers, fixed soon, but not yet), Forte's with center in sig now mains, still using KLH sub (gotta go), gone crazy listening and accquiring new music.

Eventual plans, dual system with ESL63 and horns, but not sure exactly what. I do really like the Forte, but I know I will want to push the horn envelope with best drivers, best horns, best crossover, etc.

Anybody else mixed up with ESL and horns?

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Yes indeed. I have owned Quad ESL-63s and several pairs of horn speakers including Klipsch Cornwalls, Klipschorns and Altec Lansing Model 19s (I am on my second pair of 19s!) I have that combo--ESL63s + Altec Model 19s in my listening room now.

I have not tried an ESL Combined with horns. I have just listened to one system or the other.

This should be an interesting thread!

all the best,


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I'm sure this is probably not exactly what you are referring to but Mark Levinson, in the 80's had his HQD system which combined a pair of Quad ESL57 with a horn-loaded Decca ribbon tweeter and a pair of 24" Hartley subs.

As an interesting side note, while attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago back in the 80's I was talking with Levinson's national sales manager and naturally he asked what I was listening to. Back then large horn systems were really frowned upon and I sheepishly said "Klipschorns". To my surprise he said "Mark grew up with Klipschorns. His father owned Klipschorns. In fact, the ML-2 class A amps were specifically designed with two speakers in mind, the Quad and the Klipschorn."

Some years later, Klipsch started showing up at CES, and low and behold, with all Levinson electronics, and a Linn LP12 turntable!

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