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Posing a question about my Forte's


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Love my Forte's driven by an NAD amp, but I need a little bit deeper bass. They get pretty low, but I guess I'm a bit of a bass fiend. Is there anybody out there who felt the same way and actually replaced the stock woofers with something a little bit better? I know you have to deal with crossover points and all that, but is there a comparable replacement that will hit the low end better? Thought about building a sub, but my amp doesn't have a sub output. Just straight up 2 channel. Anyone tried this? Hate to mess with my babies, but if I can get deeper....

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Fellow forum member Moray James has suggested adding weight to the passives to lower their response. I've never tried this myself, but as a free option seems worth a shot. I wouold suggest avoiding the dubstep at 115db to keep things from flying apart if you try this.

I find my fortes to dig pretty deep, but mine are proximal to the corners and I get a lot of room gain down low. Perhaps play with placement to maximize what they deliver. Even a few inches will make a dramatic difference, going from forward, strident, and bass-shy to the big, bold, seamless presentation they are capable of.

I had the power supply re-capped in my old NAD amp recently, and she sounds as good as ever with my fortes. How old is your NAD? It should be anything but bass-shy.

Also, have you done anything to your forte crossovers? With some Bob Crites lovin, my fortes regained a more balanced response than with their tired, stock crossover parts.

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