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MTM Heresy


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AL did me up some custom XO's for my Eliprasery clones , melding a Hersey & Elip horn

(CS-1.5 volume box with Crites 12" woofer & Dave's Eliptracs )

he tested the woof in the box & with Dave's horn

then built the XO

well worth the cost to send the box to the East coast from the Best coast [Y]

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I ended up having to attenuate the horns way down relative to the woofers.

The woofers are K28s so I had to wire them in series. They measure as a 4 ohm driver and my amp( pair of Emotiva XPA-1Ls) will not drive a 2 ohm load.

Given that the Heresy III(K28) is spec’ed at 99dB(I think it’s a bit lower), the Faital HF140/LTH142 at 109dB and -3dB for series woofers, dropping the autoformer to taps Y-4 dialed in a pretty flat curve using REW.

I only have about 25 hrs of runtime so far, so I think there’s still a bit of break-in to go. But, man, do this guys image. Not only great width, but just superb depth! I suspect this is more Al’s crossovers than the horns.

The horns themselves have that big open midrange sound that was what I was shooting for.

The only thing missing is deep low bass. I always knew this was going to be the case and will be adding a pair of subs for below 80-100Hz.

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