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Hyabusa Anyone?


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First of all its spelled Hayabusa...and now I have THE newest fastest production motorcycle the BMW S1000RR. So what right? This is an audio site primarily. It great to peruse around the Forums again and don't they look great?!!! But what the heck happened to Palladiums? Are they relegated to somewhere in the Klipsch attic. Anyway I'm off to go to motorcycle road racing School on the 20th and don't worry I won't be crashing. Its a very cool hobby and my theater suffers the consequences but again not to worry because there has been a new infusion of $ to work on this in a little while and we're going to wrap it up quick when we do. The best thing I've done for it since I've been on last is to put some nice furniture down there. A big sofa and a nice white love seat. Just both big enough to absorb some of the echoing and make it look a little pretty. As we say the woman's touch as my neighbor Deb and her husband Joe donated and helped me to get it down there in my cave respectively speaking. There's a funny story about the sofa. I bought it from our clubhouse used for $150 because we got new stuff in there. So when I had the chance, to avoid my wife's watchful eye and because the Audi dealer gave us an SUV loaner while ours was in for repairs I snuck or sneaked over to the clubhouse and threw the wrong couch in the SUV which I slightly damaged not caring because it was supposedly a used couch..it got some small bumps and such. The head lady of our governing board was so surprised that I could get the couch out on my back as it was kind of heavy and we'd had a rash of thefts so how did I get past the security cameras to boot? Long story short I had to buy the new couch for $850.00. Its a nice couch.

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I traded my Harley in on a BMW last fall. I loved the Harley, but the riding position caused to much back pain on prolonged rides. My new bike, a BMW R1200GSW has handlebar risers, and allows me to ride in an upright position with my feet under me. So far, I love the bike. I am used to dirt bikes anyway, so the Harley was always a bit odd-feeling to me. I sold my Husqvarna 510TE to buy the Harley.

I got a call from my BMW dealership today, and my new expandable saddle bags are in. As soon as the weather breaks, I will go get them installed. As soon as they are installed, I will be ready for the road. I'm really looking forward to a little alone time with a fly pole in the mountains.

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