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World�s most expensive speakers $5,000,000


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If you make the world's most expensive whatever someone with WAY more money than sense will buy it just so they can say that they own the world's most expensive whatever.

Being the world's most expensive whatever does NOT automatically make that item the world's "best" whatever. Just the most expensive.

P.T. Barnum said it best. His words are as true today as they were in his time.

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According to the article, those are $63,000 speakers with a gold kit that makes them so much more expensive.

Therefore, they should be compared with other speakers in their same price range, regardless of their finish.

Palladiums look better and probably sound better, too.

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Yeh. I'd put money on Palladiums running circles around these ugly little rascals. Reminds me a bit of having a gold plated Rolls-Royce. So what? Even at $63K for the stock speakers it's a bad joke.

Something I've heard on this forum... can't remember if it's a PWK quote or something. paraphrased it's something like: you can do something or other,"but you can't change the laws of physics."

anyone remember the whole saying?

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