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Oldest active member on the forums?


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Kain, not very many folks have an earlier join date, but there are a few.

Tony Reed and pzanucci both joined on Fri, Jun 11 1999. There were quite a few early adopters who have not been around for some years. Recently I saw someone post that was 'older' on the forum than Tony or Peter, but have had an attack of amnesia since then.

Here's a thread discussing the 'oldsters.'


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According to the Klipsch "Forum" Web site:

The first person to join the "Forum" was C DeForest. He joined on 12/31/99. For some reason it shows, in the records, that he joined in 1899. That would be quite a feat, if true.

Kain (to the best of my calculations) you are the 4,699th person to join the group.

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Oldest active is pzannuci. Heard from him in the not too distant past on something or the other.

As to DeForest, perhaps it was the DeForest of vacuum tube fame. May he heard about PWK's statement that "What this country needs is a good 5 watt amplifier." [:o]


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