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Can someone translate this please??

Mighty Favog

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Or at least know what the language is? I have an app on my Android that can do translations but what the language is needs to be known first.

I was in NYC a few years ago and saw this written on the bathroom wall at a Newark Airport. Looked interesting.

For all I know it says "For a good time, call...."



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It is definitely Greek. Here is as close as I can come using the Greek symbol set in Word:

Μ?οω ?υτ? α?ροδρομ?ο, αλλα σαϒαπ??.


Sort of translates to "Mioo this airport, but saYapa ?" in Google translator.

?υτ? = this
α?ροδρομ?ο = airport
αλλα = but

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