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Audiophile Needed in NH


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This Forum has been good to me with so many helpful reply's in the past i figured this might be the place to go first

Here is my dilemma, I have so many Smart devices that im beginning to feel stupid!!! I am not using what i have to its potential and I'm goin crazy tryn to figure this out.....

I thought i was good until i got a galaxy s3....now i know im not using my smart tv for all intended purposes....My reciever even has a network address, what the hell is that for? Cant use phone apps because its not right. I need proper hookup and networking help!!!

If there is anyone who knows what he's doin (that should be easy here) is located in central NH, has the time, and wants a few extra bucks.....HOOK ME UP....

Samsung 59 plas , onkyo 609, comcast HD Box, Sam bdt210, PC, Rf-63, RB51, RS 42 SW110, KV2

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Not sure man, my Thorens TD145 doesnt have a network address. LOLing.

Do they all connect using a wifi connection? if so, you should be able to put the ip address, or mac address of the devices in the white list. Smart TV, it likely has a wifi router built in maybe? not really up on those. inside the Samsung, there should be a place to turn on the wifi. Does your smart TV automatically recognize new devices or new connections?

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My reciever even has a network address,

yes...a lot of rcievers do...onkyo for example has a system called nettune which lets you use your network to transmitt and recieve music.

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I have my smart TV and BDP hooked up to the avr. Each has an IP adress. This will allow for streaming to the various devices such as, internet radio, Netflix, Pandora radio, MOG, computer with DLNA and other things like firware updates. This can be done by WiFi or LAN connected by a rounter. All of these devices should be able to setup automatically and manually. Listing you device would be a great help. Depending on how new the connected devices are and the avr, something can have the internet devices connected via a signle HDMI with ethernet and not use LAN/ethernet cables. Use cat.6 ethernet if you have to buy some since thay are faster than standard cat 5 and only cost a few dollars more.

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I'll take this one step at a time to make it easier....

1) I would like to do PIP on the samsung pn5900d

when i do PIP the right side of scrteen is all static...i can choose pc, hdmi 1, 2, 3, 4, all video signals are only on left side and work now, right side of screen is just static

I believe the tv is looking for a main signal which would be antenna in (screw type) on the TV.. all of the HDMI's/PC inputs would be the PIP (with cable in backround, always on)

The HD box i have from comcast (RNG110)only has HDMI out, no coax out...So i have to go to tv with HDMI (1) so it doesnt recognise cable as main signal its just an option now as the what the PIP is going to be. There is no main TV signal happenin here

I think i need a new box!! ???? If so, Ill take a suggestion on that.

2) NO Forget 2...one step at a time might be easier.....

Before you ask No..the TV has no hd component to connect the box to, Its HDMI connections PCin and coax in

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This being such an interestin thread an all I figured why not give ya's an update.....

Went on over to the cable store and picked up a box with the coax and hdmi output. solved the PIP problem...of course in PIP mode. the picture is no longer in HD (whos idea at samsung was that...LetsNOT put an hdmi in option for the main source signal on a HDTV...Hmmm) Anyway its done, I can now multi-task. Play/work on the internet while listening to pandora and watch the football game. =)HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!

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