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7.1 vs 5.1


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If I understand your question, a 5.1 movie will play with 7 speaker as long as the avr is not set to stereo, DD or Dolby Prologic. My avr usually will default to a certain format for most 5.1 sources such as DDPL XII, DDPL ZII, DDES or something else. If it picks DTS 5.1 or DD. 5.1 I can matrix it to what I want.

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Let me try to be more clear for you guys, I have 1 set of Synergy S1 surrounds and 1 set(temperarily) of HD 500 surrounds. If I listen to a 5.1 movie in straight decoder , I want the better surrounds to be on.

The surround back speakers will be the 7.1 speakers, the side surrounds will be the original 5.1 surround speakers.

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I used my HD 500 speakers with my Icon V HT as front height speakers and did not even know if they were working without getting right up on them. Even then I could not tell 1/2 the time. I moved them out of the Icon V setup within 2 weeks due to the frustration of using them. The HD 500 is a nice HT system but it does not mix with the Klipsch tower systems or larger bookself speakers well. Matrix settings are DDPL IIx, Neo 6, DDPL IIz, ect. Use the S1 as side surrounds.

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