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FS Reference RC-7 center channel and matching pair of RF-5 floor towers Excellent condition in Florida


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Klipsch Reference RF-5 Home theater speakers with consecutive serial #s in the rare Maple veneer
and one RC-7 center channel also in the matching Maple veneer.

I will only sell them as a package.

Thispackage is a fraction of the cost of just a pair of new RF-7 II's

Makes the perfect Home Theater setup due to equal horns and 8" cones all around.

They are in excellent condition with only a couple minor surface marks/smudges on the back of the speaker.
They are from a child and smoke free home. Grills are included and in
mint condition. Will provide high res close up pics
upon request.

Please call (five six one) 685.24OO

RC-7 Maple -Excellent 9.5/10 Bi-amp capable includes jumpers

RF-5 Maple pair - Excellent 9/10 -couple dark smudges on back of speakers Bi-amp capable and also includes the jumpers

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Thank you! I always appreciate your input, I really like these. They are in almost as new condition.

I had originally auditioned both the RF-7 and the RF-5 and while they were nearly identical, the narrower front isn't as visually overwhelming than the wider rf-7. 5 of the same horns and 10 of the same 8" drivers makes a pretty spectacular setup.

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Makes the perfect HT setup due to equal horns and 8" cones all around (unlike the RF-7 's)

The RF-5 has a 1" tweeter driver while the RC-7 has an 1 3/4" tweeter driver. I believe the horns are similar though as you say. The RC-7 is a great match for the RF-7's and the RF5's.

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