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Opinions on Sunfire HRS-12


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pretty open ended questions...

what are you going to use it for? what do you have now to compare too?

I have always been interested with the Sunfire subs because of their small size and insane output. My SVS was simply too much for my wife to look at anymore so I had to get something smaller. But I was used to the SVS output...so 1st thing I thought was Sunfire. I went to a local dealership and they have a very large theater room with Martin Logan speakers but no obvous sub in the corner. After watching a few movie clips and music I went searching for it and "it" was the HRS12...a small 13.5 inch cube filling the room up with massive clear and amazingly low/deep bass. I am also very happy with the sound at low volumes. where the SVS would almost sound off the Sunfire still puts out clean bass notes at low volumes. Because it is sealed I was nervous I would not get the very deep/loud bass the SVS could pump out but the Sunfire can easily keep up with my previous SVS

Ok back on track. What price can you get it for? if you can get it for $600 - $800 I would go for it. BUT BUT BUT for that range you can get a much larger sub from a ID brand and have more stomach rumbling low bass available.

so really goes back to what you need. if you need a smaller sub but want great output there is no other sub out there for $1k or less that will compare (that I have heard at least).

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ok the key thing is to know how important the overall size is - if it is important at all you really owe yourself to listen to the Sunfire. If you have a very large room and are not worried about a big sub then this is not a "must have".

You say you want accurate low bass - that is a high point for a sealed sub. one this powerfull will go MUCH lower and louder than most sealed subs. if you want the lowest bass (25 hz and below) loud (very uncommon other than some movie scenes) then you will probably want a large ported sub.

sorry to be so wordy but a sub is the 2nd most important purchase you make in a HT (behind the receiver); some people say it is the most important. Knowing that I suggest looking at multiple options and trying them out in your house if possible.

I give a [Y] for the HRS12

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